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Episode Recap

Fort One Bar and Lounge, later renamed The Roc Bar and Nightclub, was a bar in San Francisco, California that was featured on Season 5 of Bar Rescue. The episode, titled “Ice, Mice, Baby,” aired in November 2016, but the filming and Jon Taffer’s visit took place before that.

The Fort One Bar and Lounge

Fort One Bar and Lounge, located in San Francisco, CA, is owned by Jason Wanigatunga, who inherited the bar from his father in 2014. However, after a successful start, Jason and his staff started partying excessively, leading to a decline in the bar’s performance. This situation put a strain on the family dynamic, forcing Jason’s father to sell his assets to support the struggling bar.

Recon and Issues

Before the rescue, Mia Mastroianni and Jon Taffer visited the bar undercover to assess the situation. They discovered that the bar’s interior, including two levels and a nightclub, was underutilized. Jason was also known for giving out free drinks, especially to attractive women, which affected the bar’s profitability. Additionally, Scott, the manager, and Olivia, a bartender, expressed their frustration with Jason’s behavior.

Taffer’s Intervention

Jon Taffer confronted Jason about his behavior, criticizing him for acting like a spoiled rich child rather than a responsible bar owner. To teach him a lesson, Jon made Jason clean the bar all night and appointed Scott as the temporary bar manager. If Scott decided to leave, the rescue would be futile.

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Bar Remodeling and Redemption

During the rescue, the bar was remodeled by Jon Taffer and his crew, resulting in its rebranding as The Roc Bar and Nightclub. The newly renovated bar looked more upscale and appealing. Ashley, one of the bartenders, stood out with her exceptional skills, and Jason took responsibility by actively cleaning the bar.

The Aftermath

After the renovation, the staff witnessed the transformation of The Roc Bar and Nightclub. Scott decided to stay as long as Jason continued to change and improve. This marked the success of the Fort One Bar Rescue episode.

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