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A Passionate Commitment

In 2008, Dr. Mike Sagman founded The Dog Food Advocate after the devastating loss of his beloved dog Penny caused by the consumption of commercial dog food. Determined to prevent similar tragedies, every ounce of dedication and information on this website is fueled by our unwavering desire to safeguard our furry companions. When Dr. Sagman retired in January 2023, he entrusted us with the responsibility to carry on his noble mission, ensuring that our commitment remains steadfast.

A Team of Devoted Experts

At The Dog Food Advocate, our team comprises passionate researchers, writers, editors, consultant veterinarians, and nutritionists. However, above all, we are proud and devoted dog parents. Guided by Dr. Sagman’s principles of honesty, objectivity, and scientific integrity, we strive to ensure that every precious pup receives the highest quality of nourishment.

Unparalleled Canine Nutrition Expertise

While your veterinarian can offer valuable insights into your dog’s nutrition, there is more to dog food than meets the eye. Since our establishment in 2008, The Dog Food Advocate has meticulously researched, evaluated, and rated over 5,373 dog food products. We possess extensive knowledge, ranging from identifying the actual manufacturers of each dog food brand to understanding their recall history and safety protocols. Our expertise also extends to decoding nutritional content, sourcing ingredients, and assessing the safety of additives. Furthermore, we harbor a wealth of crucial facts and statistics about every product.

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Over the years, we have diligently investigated and disclosed 259 instances of dog food and dog treat recalls—the most comprehensive compilation of such incidents in the United States and Canada since 2009. We take immense pride in our reputation for impartiality, which has led to a continuous influx of insider tips and confidential information from our exclusive network.

Our Dedication Ensures Your Satisfaction

At The Dog Food Advocate, our obsession with dog food stems from one fundamental principle: no dog food can surpass the quality of its ingredients. It is essential to understand what goes into your furry friend’s food before making a purchase. Therefore, we recommend thoroughly examining the label to ensure you are equipped to make an informed decision.

Reliable Sources

The articles and reports on our website are the result of meticulous research and information aggregation from various public sources. We extensively reference books, peer-reviewed journals, and published research available at the United States National Institute of Health’s PubMed libraries. Additionally, we gather information from government-regulated pet food labels, which serve as a crucial source of data.

Transparency is Our Foundation

At The Dog Food Advocate, we maintain complete independence from the pet food industry. We uphold our integrity by explicitly stating that we do not accept money or samples from dog food companies in exchange for preferential treatment during reviews or ratings. Furthermore, to eliminate any potential influence, we do not allow paid advertising from pet food manufacturers.

For detailed information on how we support the operation of this website, we invite you to visit our public Disclosure and Disclaimer page.

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Your Feedback Matters

Have you ever encountered a dissatisfying dog food experience or, conversely, discovered the perfect choice for your furry friend? We encourage you to share your insights with us. Your personal experiences with different dog foods can provide valuable information for the entire dog-loving community. Please leave your comments and opinions after reading any of our reviews or reach out to us directly.

We greatly appreciate your support and thank you for visiting The Dog Food Advocate.

Julia and Andrew with Dr. Mike Sagman

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