Copycat Recipe for Wildflower Bread Chopped Salad (Gluten-free!)


Are you craving the delightful Wildflower Bread chopped salad but don’t have a restaurant nearby? No worries! I’ve got you covered with this homemade copycat recipe. This gluten-free version features a medley of flavors, including arugula, quinoa, dried cranberries, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, and sunflower seeds, all drizzled with a flavorful pesto vinaigrette. Let’s dive in and recreate this delicious salad together!

Wildflower Bread Chopped Salad Copycat Ingredients

The Inspiration Behind the Copycat

Wildflower Bread Company is a fantastic chain of cafes/restaurants in Arizona, known for its scrumptious salads and sandwiches. I like to think of them as a more inventive and mouthwatering version of Panera. During my visits to Arizona, I had the pleasure of dining at Wildflower Bread frequently, allowing me to sample their diverse menu.

However, since I currently reside in New England, Wildflower Bread is nowhere in sight. Thankfully, I can still enjoy the delightful dishes I relished there by recreating them at home. This Wildflower Bread Chopped Salad is the first of several copycat recipes that I have planned, so get ready for more deliciousness coming your way!

Crafting the Perfect Chopped Salad

If you’re new to the world of chopped salads, I highly recommend using a salad chopper. It makes the process so much easier! However, the beauty of this particular chopped salad is that only the arugula requires fine chopping. The soft roasted red pepper can be easily diced with a regular knife, while the remaining ingredients need no chopping at all. It couldn’t get any simpler than that – just gather and stir!

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The Deets on this Wildflower Bread Chopped Salad Copycat

My version of the chopped salad has a few twists compared to the original Wildflower Bread recipe. Firstly, I substituted couscous with quinoa to make it gluten-free and boost the protein content. Secondly, I added black beans to provide even more plant-based protein and make this salad even heartier.

Wildflower Bread Chopped Salad Copycat

Lastly, I decided to use roasted corn instead of dried sweet corn, mainly due to product availability. Nevertheless, the flavors remain vibrant and satisfying. As for the dressing, I kept it simple by combining prepared pesto with white wine vinegar. Since pesto is already packed with oil, garlic, and herbs, the addition of vinegar or citrus juice turns it into a delightful dressing.

A Word on Dried Cranberries and Substitutions

Just a heads up: dried cranberries typically contain added sugar. While they possess a natural tartness, they are often sweetened to match other “non-cranberry” dried fruits, like raisins. If you prefer to avoid added sugars altogether, consider substituting unsweetened dried fruit in place of the dried cranberries. However, finding unsweetened dried cranberries in regular grocery stores might prove challenging. Keep this in mind as you gather your ingredients.

Recipe and Rating

I promise you’ll love how effortless and delicious this chopped salad is! Check out the video below for a step-by-step demonstration of the salad assembly process. If you decide to try this fakeaway Wildflower Bread chopped salad, please leave a rating below. Chopped salads are fantastic because they allow you to savor all the flavors in each bite. Enjoy!

📹 Video Demonstration


Before we proceed, I want to emphasize that the recipes provided here may or may not suit your medical needs or personal preferences. If you require guidance in determining a suitable dietary pattern, I recommend consulting with a registered dietitian or your physician.

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Additionally, the nutrition information provided is an estimate and may vary based on the specific brands and ingredients you use. Please don’t get too caught up in the calorie numbers, as the information on food labels can be wildly inaccurate.

For more information on how different recipe levels can support your weight management goals, refer to this helpful post. Now that we’ve covered everything, let’s get cooking!


If you’re a fan of copycat recipes for your favorite restaurant dishes, you’re in for a treat with this fakeaway Wildflower Bread chopped salad. Don’t forget to try my cheeseburger salad, inspired by a B.good burger – it’s truly a mouthwatering delight!

Remember, with a little creativity and the right ingredients, you can bring the flavors of your favorite restaurants right into your own kitchen. Enjoy the process and savor the delicious results!