Fearless Advertising Launches Exciting New Pizza Range in Tesco

Are you a pizza lover? Get ready for a delicious treat because Fearless Advertising is about to launch a brand-new range of mouthwatering pizzas in Tesco stores nationwide this November. The Pizza Company, with its enticing tagline ‘Love it. Share it’, is set to take on the current pizza market leaders with its fresh and frozen offerings.

A Strong Lineup of Pizza Delights

The Pizza Company aims to captivate the taste buds of pizza enthusiasts by introducing six delectable pizzas, along with doughballs, pizzabread, and garlic dips. Tesco has identified the enormous potential in the takeaway pizza market, estimated to be worth a staggering £3 billion.

The Creative Magic by Fearless Advertising

Fearless Advertising, based in Birmingham, has worked its magic to develop a distinctive brand position for The Pizza Company. By crafting captivating packaging, above-the-line communications, shopper marketing, and digital advertising, Fearless Advertising has ensured that The Pizza Company stands out on the shelves.

Stuart Clarke, the Managing Director of Fearless Advertising, expressed his pride in working on such a high-profile national launch. With experience in the pizza industry, Clarke and his team have unleashed their creativity to develop a brand positioning that truly resonates. Pizza is not just a food; it’s an experience of pure indulgence, often shared with loved ones. The tagline ‘Love it. Share it’ encapsulates the emotional connection and social nature of enjoying a takeaway pizza. This proposition will serve as the foundation for all future communications.

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A Tantalizing Range to Satisfy Every Craving

The new Pizza Company range will grace the shelves of Tesco stores nationwide in November, and it is expected to fly off those shelves at record speed. Anticipating millions of sales, Tesco will support the launch through press advertising in Tesco Magazine, captivating instore shopper marketing activities, and digital advertising on Tesco.com. The range includes six tantalizing pizzas with an array of mouthwatering flavors: Sizzlin’ Tandoori Chicken, The Pepperoni Party, The Big Cheese, The Edgy Veggie, Meat Metropolis, and BBQ Chicken Bonanza. Additionally, the launch includes Garlic and Herb Pizza Dips, Garlic Pizzabread, and Doughballs filled with Tomato, Garlic & Cheese. With nine new SKUs, The Pizza Company offers one of the widest selections in the pizza aisle.

A Vibrant Brand Identity

Fearless Advertising has carefully designed the brand’s look and feel to ensure it stands out in the bustling pizza aisle. Bold color choices, classic takeaway design cues, and a memorable visual identity make The Pizza Company impossible to miss. It’s a breath of fresh air, promising a bold new brand presence in the takeaway market.

The campaign extends beyond the physical store, with digital shopper creative treatment and media placement on tesco.com. Fearless Advertising has left no stone unturned in ensuring that The Pizza Company receives the attention it deserves.

Don’t miss out on this exciting pizza revolution! Keep an eye out for The Pizza Company’s irresistible range launching in Tesco stores nationwide this November. For more information and to discover how Fearless Advertising can help launch or grow your brand, visit their website here.

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