Create the Perfect Burger: When and How to Add Cheese

Who can resist the mouthwatering combination of melted cheese and a juicy burger? Cheese has the power to elevate any burger to a whole new level of deliciousness. But the question remains: when is the best time to add the cheese? Let’s explore the different methods and find out how to create the perfect cheesy burger.

Melting Cheese During Cooking

One approach is to add the cheese a few minutes before your patty is fully cooked. This allows the cheese to melt and blend its aroma and flavor with the meat, resulting in a gooey and irresistible burger. If you’re grilling, make sure to close the lid after adding the cheese. This traps the heat and creates a melty, slightly smoked experience. You can achieve a similar effect on the stove by steaming the cheese on the burger with a few drops of water and a covered pan.

While many swear by this technique, there are a few drawbacks. It’s easy to overcook the patty while focusing on achieving the perfect melt. Moreover, if you melt the cheese too thinly, it can fold up and congeal on the sides of the burger, leaving the center cheese-less and your grill covered in charred remains.

Resting the Cheese to Melt

An alternative approach involves bringing the cheese to room temperature while cooking the patties. As soon as you remove the patties from the heat, layer the sliced cheese on top and let them rest for a couple of minutes before assembling the burger. The residual heat will gently melt the cheese, creating a perfect harmony with the meat. To rest the patties, you can place them on a wooden cutting board.

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Choosing which method to use ultimately depends on your personal preferences. Experiment with both methods and find the one that suits your taste best.

Where to Place the Cheese

The placement of the cheese plays a crucial role in burger construction. If you prefer your burger rare or medium and want to prevent the bottom bun from becoming soggy, place the cheese between the patty and the bottom bun. The cheese acts as a gooey coating that prevents the bread from absorbing excess juices.

On the other hand, if you need something sticky to hold your toppings in place, put the cheese on top of the patty. It will act as a natural glue, keeping the lettuce and other ingredients firmly in place.

Assembling the Perfect Burger

Now that you know when and where to add the cheese, let’s talk about assembling the perfect burger. Follow this classic technique inspired by Randy Garutti’s cookbook, Shake Shack: Recipes & Stories:

  1. Cut the buns in half and toast the cut sides until golden brown in a lightly greased frying pan.
  2. Spread ketchup on the bottom bun and place the burger patty with the melted cheese on top.
  3. Add tomato slices on top of the cheese to keep them in place, followed by green leaf or iceberg lettuce.
  4. Spread mustard or classic burger sauce on the top bun and carefully place sliced onions or sautéed mushrooms on it.
  5. Flip the bun, close the burger, and serve.

Choosing the Perfect Cheese

When it comes to cheese selection, cheddar is the go-to choice for many burger enthusiasts. It provides a tangy flavor and a pronounced taste. Young cheddar is milder and has a buttery texture, while mature cheddar is firmer and offers a more intense flavor.

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American processed cheese, a blend of cheddar, Colby, and other cheeses, is another popular option. It’s creamy, salty, and melts exceptionally well on a hot patty.

For a different twist, consider Swiss cheese, Emmental, or Dutch gouda. If you’re feeling adventurous, try blue cheese, gorgonzola, goat cheese, or brie for a funkier flavor. And let’s not forget about provolone—a melty, mozzarella-like cheese from Italy.

In Conclusion

The best time to add cheese to your burger depends on your personal preferences. Whether you melt the cheese during cooking or let it rest on the patties afterward, the goal is to create a masterpiece that satisfies your taste buds. Experiment with different cheeses and techniques until you find your perfect combination. So, go ahead and embrace the cheesy goodness to create your ultimate burger experience.

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