12 Mouthwatering Side Dishes to Serve with Steak Pie

Are you ready to take your steak pie to the next level? A good steak pie is already a delight, but when paired with the right side dishes, it becomes an unforgettable feast. Whether you prefer comforting classics or unique flavor combinations, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to discover 12 incredible options for what to serve with steak pie that will tantalize your taste buds.

1. Homemade Chunky Chips

Steak pie and chunky chips may seem like a simple combination, but it’s undeniably one of the best pairings out there. Instead of store-bought chips, take the time to prepare your own from scratch. Experiment with different seasoning mixes to find your perfect match. For a golden color and extra flavor, try adding ground garlic and paprika to the chips while they cook. Trust me, you won’t be able to resist these crispy delights.


2. Lashings of Rich Beef Gravy

While steak pie usually comes with its own gravy, why not indulge a little bit more? Serve a big boat of extra rich beef gravy on the side. This is especially important if you’re also serving potatoes and veggies, as it ensures everything stays moist and flavorful. For an even more luxurious touch, consider adding a splash of red wine during the cooking process.

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3. Wholegrain Mustard Mash

Elevate your steak pie experience with wholegrain mustard mash. It’s surprisingly simple to make. Just boil Maris Piper potatoes until cooked, then mash them with a dollop of double cream or butter and a generous spoonful of wholegrain mustard. The strong flavor of the mustard adds a delightful kick, so start with a small amount and adjust to your taste. This creamy and tangy mash is the perfect complement to your steak pie.

wholegrain mustard mash

4. Cauliflower Cheese

Indulge in a quintessentially British dish – cauliflower cheese. This versatile side can be served as a main or a side, for lunch or dinner. For your steak pie feast, keep it simple with a classic cauliflower cheese recipe. In just an hour, you’ll have a bubbling, golden dish that fills your kitchen with heavenly aromas. Though not the most waistline-friendly option, it’s worth indulging in occasionally for a truly satisfying meal.

cauliflower cheese

5. Oxo Roast Potatoes

Everyone has their own secret to perfect roast potatoes. In my kitchen, it’s all about using crumbled beef stock cubes. Parboil the potatoes in Oxo, then shake them in a sieve to create those irresistibly crispy bits. Finish them off in the air fryer for an extra crunchy texture. These Oxo roast potatoes are the ultimate side dish for your steak pie.

slimming world oxo roast potatoes

6. Jersey Royals with Herby Butter

Treat yourself to the unique flavor of Jersey Royals, exclusively grown on the island of Jersey. These new potatoes have a nutty, earthy, and sweet taste with a creamy yet firm texture. Steam them to perfection and serve with a generous dollop of salted, herby butter. Jersey Royals are the ideal choice when you want a carbohydrate-based dish that won’t overshadow the star of the show – your steak pie.

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jersey royal potatoes

7. Creamed Leeks with Bacon and Cheese

Add some green goodness to your steak pie feast with creamed leeks. Take it up a notch by incorporating bacon and cheese. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan, then cook chopped bacon until crispy. Glaze it with a splash of white wine before adding double cream. Simmer until reduced and then stir in thinly sliced leeks and grated cheddar. Season to taste and enjoy the creamy, indulgent goodness.

sauteed leeks

8. Roasted Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Add a pop of color and crunch to your meal with roasted purple sprouting broccoli. Drizzle the florets with vegetable oil and scatter whole garlic cloves for an extra kick. Roasting brings out the best flavors and textures, making this vibrant cousin of regular broccoli a delightful side dish for your steak pie.

purple sprouting brocolli

9. Smashed Sprouts with Chestnuts

Who says sprouts are just for Christmas? Smashed sprouts with chestnuts are a fantastic choice any time of the year. In less than 20 minutes, you can prepare a dish that combines the tenderness of sprouts with the nuttiness of chestnuts. Encourage your family to try something new and enjoy the wonderful flavors together.

brussel sprouts

10. Honey Roast Parsnips

Parsnips are not only nutrient-rich but also incredibly tasty when prepared with care. Heat a frying pan with vegetable oil and stir-fry halved or quartered parsnips until lightly golden. Finish them off in the oven until they’re tender. Just before serving, drizzle with honey and generously season with salt and pepper. These sweet and savory parsnips are a perfect match for your steak pie.

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11. Mashed Carrots with Honey and Chilli Powder

Looking for a lighter alternative to mashed potatoes? Try mashed carrots with honey and chilli powder. With just five staple ingredients, this recipe brings out the delicate sweetness of carrots while adding a touch of indulgent creaminess from butter. The chili powder gives it a hint of heat, elevating the flavors to a whole new level.

mashed carrot

12. Mushy Peas

Sometimes, the simplest dishes are the most satisfying. Serve your steak pie with a side of mushy peas for a classic touch. These peas can transport you to a nostalgic football match or the era of old-fashioned recipes. Their comforting texture and vibrant green color are the perfect accompaniment to your hearty pie.

mushy peas

Now that you know the secrets to creating an unforgettable steak pie experience, it’s time to get cooking. These incredible side dishes will take your meal to new heights and leave your guests craving more. Don’t hesitate to explore and experiment with your own recipes. Share your thoughts and favorite combinations in the comments below. And if you’re looking for a lighter alternative to a pie, check out my recipe for a mouthwatering steak bake that’s perfect for a healthier lifestyle.

the best sides for steak pie

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