What to Serve with Pork Loin

Looking for the perfect accompaniments to your pork tenderloin? Whether you’re grilling, roasting, pan-searing, sautéing, or braising, there are plenty of side dishes that will complement your meal. From roasted vegetables and grains to salsa, salads, soups, and even grilled fruits, the options are endless. Check out our recommendations for the best pork tenderloin side dishes.

Kimchi: Tangy and Spicy Fermented Napa Cabbage

If you’re looking for a flavor-packed combination, try grilled pork tenderloin with kimchi. This popular Asian BBQ pairing adds a tangy and spicy kick that perfectly complements the savory taste of the pork. The fermentation process not only enhances the flavor but also boosts the nutritional value of the dish. Serve the kimchi cold or at room temperature to let its flavors shine.


Air-Fried Brussels Sprouts: Crispy and Healthy

For a delicious and healthy side, try air-fried Brussels sprouts. These crispy sprouts have a tender interior that pairs well with the juicy pork tenderloin, creating a delightful contrast of textures. Simply toss trimmed and halved sprouts in olive oil, salt, pepper, and desired herbs or spices. Cook them in the air fryer for about 10-15 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Enjoy the crispy goodness without the added fat and calories of deep frying.

Easy Fried Rice: A Complete Meal

Fried rice is a versatile dish that can be customized with various proteins, including pork tenderloin. Adding slices of pan-seared pork to fried rice transforms it into a hearty and satisfying meal. You can even replace scrambled eggs with pork slices or have both for an extra protein boost.

Caesar Salad: Classic and Refreshing

A classic Caesar salad is a timeless side dish that pairs perfectly with pork tenderloin or any other meat dish. Made with chopped romaine lettuce, croutons, grated Parmesan cheese, and a homemade dressing of olive oil, garlic, anchovies, lemon juice, and Dijon mustard, this salad brings a refreshing contrast to the rich flavors of the pork. Prepare the salad just before serving to maintain its crispness and flavorful blend.

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Creamy Potato Soup: Comforting and Versatile

Creamy potato soup is a comforting dish that’s perfect for chilly evenings. It can also be made ahead of time and easily reheated. This versatile soup allows you to add different vegetables or proteins to suit your taste. When serving it with pork tenderloin, ladle a generous portion of the creamy soup into a bowl and top it with a few slices of tender pork.

Watermelon Feta: Unique and Refreshing

Watermelon feta is a unique and delicious side dish that will elevate your pork tenderloin. The sweetness of the watermelon and the tanginess of the feta create a perfect balance with the rich and savory flavors of the pork. Serve this dish as a side or a salad, and consider adding fresh herbs like mint or basil for an extra layer of flavor. It’s perfect for summer BBQs or casual dinner parties.

Pasta Stuffed Shells: Creamy and Vegan

Creamy vegan pasta stuffed shells provide a perfect balance to protein-rich dishes like pork tenderloin. Seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices such as thyme, rosemary, and garlic powder, these stuffed shells make for a comforting and enjoyable meal alongside your tender pork.

Fire Roasted Vegetables: Smoky and Flavorful

Tossing vegetables in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder then roasting them on a grill or in the oven creates fire-roasted vegetables with a nice char and deep, rich flavor. Bell peppers, onions, zucchini, and eggplant are popular choices that pair well with pork, thanks to their natural sweetness. Serve them alongside the pork on a plate or toss them together in a delicious one-pan dish for a satisfying weeknight meal.

Grilled Fruits: Sweet and Savory

Grilled fruits make a delicious and healthy side dish for pork tenderloin. The natural sweetness of pineapple, peaches, watermelon, apples, pears, apricots, and plums perfectly complements the savory flavors of the pork. Grilling the fruits adds a smoky element and creates a balance of flavors that is sure to please your taste buds.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes: Sweet and Smoky

Grilled sweet potatoes are a delightful accompaniment to smoky grilled pork tenderloin. Simply peel and slice the sweet potatoes into thick rounds, toss them in olive oil, salt, pepper, and your choice of herbs or spices, and grill until tender and slightly charred. The natural sweetness of the sweet potatoes enhances the flavors of the pork, creating a mouthwatering combination.

Mashed Potato Pancakes: Crispy and Flavorful

Transform your leftover mashed potatoes into delicious pancakes that perfectly complement pork tenderloin. Mix the mashed potatoes with flour and an egg to form a batter, then fry spoonfuls of the batter in a skillet until golden brown and crispy. Serve the potato pancakes alongside seasoned pork tenderloin and garnish with chopped parsley for an irresistible combination.

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Ranch Potatoes: Crispy and Bold

Ranch roasted potatoes make a flavorful and well-rounded side dish for your pork tenderloin. These crispy potatoes soak up the juices from the pork, enhancing the overall meal. With their crispy exterior and tender interior, ranch potatoes bring bold flavors to the plate.

Garlic Smashed Potatoes: Buttery and Aromatic

Garlic smashed potatoes take your regular mashed potatoes to the next level. Tender and buttery potatoes gently smashed to perfection, infused with the aromatic punch of garlic, create a mouthwatering dish. These spuds are the perfect accompaniment to any pork tenderloin, adding a burst of flavor and a love letter to your taste buds and nose alike.

Sweet Potato Curry: Flavorful and Colorful

A sweet potato curry is a flavor powerhouse that adds depth to your pork tenderloin. The combination of sweet potatoes, curry powder, and coconut milk creates a party in your mouth. Every bite introduces hints of cumin, ginger, and turmeric, enhancing the overall taste. The vibrant orange color of the sweet potatoes contrasts beautifully with the pink pork, adding a visual feast to your plate.

Vegetable Kabobs: Fresh and Colorful

Vegetable kabobs steal the show with their vibrant medley of bell peppers, zucchini, and onions. These colorful skewers of veggies bring fresh and vibrant flavors to your plate. Not only do they add a pop of color, but they also provide a healthy dose of vitamins. Grill them to perfection and savor their delicious marinade alongside your succulent pork tenderloin.

Pico De Gallo: Fresh and Flavorful

For a flavor-packed side dish, turn to classic Mexican salsa, pico de gallo. Made with fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lime juice, this salsa adds a burst of freshness to your pork tenderloin. Enjoy it as a dip with chips, a topping for tacos, or a zesty addition to your morning eggs. Pico de gallo cuts through the richness of the pork, enhancing your overall dining experience.

Creamed Spinach: Rich and Creamy

Indulge in the rich and creamy goodness of creamed spinach. The tender spinach leaves, coated in a silky sauce, provide a delicate balance to the bold flavor of the pork. Not only is creamed spinach delicious, but it’s also packed with vitamins and nutrients, making it a healthy choice. Serve it as a side dish alongside your pork tenderloin, steak, roast chicken, or grilled fish for a comforting and flavorful meal.

Creamy Mushroom Sauce: Rich and Savory

Creamy mushroom sauce is a luxurious and savory addition to any dish, including pork tenderloin. Sautéed mushrooms, heavy cream, and other ingredients create a rich and flavorful sauce that perfectly complements the taste of pork. The creamy texture balances the earthy flavors of mushrooms, making it a popular choice among home cooks and chefs alike.

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Air-Fryer Green Beans: Crispy and Healthy

For a healthier alternative to deep-fried green beans, try air-frying them. This method gives you crispy and crunchy green beans without the added fat and calories. Air-fried green beans retain their natural flavors, making them a nutritious and tasty addition to any meal. Season them with spices or toss them with oil and salt for a delicious side dish that pairs perfectly with your pork tenderloin.

Fried Mac & Cheese Balls: Cheesy and Irresistible

Indulge in the irresistible combination of creamy, cheesy macaroni and cheese with a crispy fried exterior. These fried mac and cheese balls are the perfect snack or party food. Mix cooked macaroni and cheese with breadcrumbs and deep fry until golden brown. With their cheesy goodness, these balls are sure to please any crowd.

Rainbow Quinoa Salad: Vibrant and Healthy

Rainbow quinoa salad combines the nutritious benefits of quinoa with a burst of colorful ingredients. This visually stunning dish excites the taste buds with its flavors and textures. Use a variety of fresh and seasonal ingredients like bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, avocado, red cabbage, and herbs such as cilantro and basil. Cook the quinoa to perfection and combine it with a simple lemon vinaigrette for a refreshing salad. Serve it as a light lunch, dinner, or a side dish for roasted pork tenderloin or potluck gatherings.

Farro Pilaf: Nutritious and Flavorful

Farro pilaf is a nutritious and flavorful alternative to traditional rice pilaf. Made from the ancient grain, farro, this dish is rich in fiber, protein, and vitamins. Customize it with vegetables, herbs, and spices to create a unique and delicious side dish that pairs perfectly with pork tenderloin. It’s a tasty way to incorporate whole grains into your diet.

Sous Vide Asparagus: Tender and Vibrant

Sous vide cooking is a popular technique that produces perfectly cooked asparagus. Sealed in a vacuum-sealed bag and cooked in a temperature-controlled water bath, sous vide asparagus retains its vibrant green color, crisp texture, and natural flavors. Prepare it alongside your pork tenderloin or other roasted or pan-seared mains such as fish, steak, or chicken for a delightful combination.

Mexican Street Corn: Smoky and Flavorful

Mexican street corn, also known as Elote, is a beloved street food that has made its way into Mexican cuisine. Grilled to perfection, corn on the cob is topped with a delicious combination of spices, cheese, and chili powder. The smoky and tangy flavors of this dish create an explosion of taste in your mouth. Perfect as a snack or side dish, Mexican street corn is a must-try for those seeking authentic Mexican flavors.

Sauces and Glazes: Elevate Your Dish

If you’re not in the mood for making another dish to go with your pork tenderloin, don’t worry. Sauces and glazes can add depth and complexity to the taste, transforming your pork tenderloin into a gourmet meal. Consider trying sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, honey and garlic glaze, balsamic reduction, peach and ginger chutney, creamy apple and sage sauce, apricot and thyme glaze, cranberry and orange relish, or spicy peanut sauce. These sauces and glazes will take your pork tenderloin to the next level.

In conclusion, pork tenderloin offers a versatile canvas for a wide range of side dishes. Consider the flavors, textures, and overall meal experience when selecting your accompaniments. Whether you opt for classic comfort food or contemporary delights, there is sure to be a delicious and satisfying side dish that pairs perfectly with your pork tenderloin.

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