Jet’s Pizza: Where Deliciousness Takes Flight

Jet’s Pizza has soared to become the twelfth largest pizza chain in the nation, revolutionizing the pizza industry with its mouthwatering flavors and unique approach. With over 300 locations and ambitious plans for future growth, Jet’s Pizza is a force to be reckoned with.

In 1978, Eugene Jetts and his brother John Jetts introduced the world to their first Jet’s Pizza in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The two brothers had a vision to create something extraordinary, and their dream became a reality. Through relentless dedication and hard work, they built a reputation for crafting pizzas, submarine sandwiches, and salads that tantalized taste buds far and wide.

But it’s Jet’s signature deep-dish square pizza that has truly captured the hearts and stomachs of pizza enthusiasts. This unparalleled creation sets Jet’s Pizza apart from any other pizzeria on the planet. Every pizza is meticulously prepared, using only the finest ingredients. Jet’s Pizza never compromises on quality, firmly believing that better pizza is the key to their success.

Eugene Jetts emphasizes, “There may be cheaper ways to make pizza, but Jet’s is all about delivering better pizza. Our commitment to the highest quality ingredients sets us apart. As soon as people take a bite of Jet’s Pizza, they notice the difference. They know they’re experiencing something better.”

Jet’s Pizza ventured into franchising in 1990, expanding its reach to more than 250 franchises across sixteen states. From Michigan to Texas, Jet’s Pizza has developed a strong system based on proven guidelines and delicious secrets. Each store follows a set of criteria that ensures consistency and delivers an awesome pizza experience every time.

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While Jet’s Pizza is serious about quality, they also believe that pizza should be a source of joy and fun. John Jetts states, “If you’re not smiling while eating our pizza, something’s amiss.” This philosophy is encapsulated in their simple yet powerful slogan: “Life is short. Eat better pizza.” Jet’s Pizza is confident that people all over the nation will embrace this mantra, and the soaring success of their pizza proves that they’re right.

If you’re craving a slice of heaven, visit Hook’d Up Bar and Grill and embark on a flavor journey with Jet’s Pizza. From their legendary deep-dish square pizza to their delectable sandwiches and salads, Jet’s Pizza promises to make your taste buds soar to new heights. Don’t settle for mediocre pizza – choose Jet’s and experience the difference.