How to Order the Perfect Large Pizza

When it comes to ordering pizza, one of the most common questions we hear is, “what size is a large pizza?” It’s a valid question because different places have different standards. So, if you’ve ever wondered how many slices are in a large pie or how many inches it measures, we have all the answers right here for you.

At Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, we take pride in being pizza experts. We want you to order with confidence, knowing exactly what you’re getting. Whether you have questions about our specialty pizzas or want to know more about our large-size pizza, we’re here to help.

How Big is a Large Pizza?

Let’s get straight to the point. A large pizza at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill measures approximately 16 inches in diameter. That’s just under a foot-and-a-half of pure deliciousness. Keep in mind that since we hand-spin our pizza dough daily, there might be slight variations in size, but that’s just a sign that your pizza is made fresh just for you.

While our large pizza is perfect for most occasions, if you’re looking for even more pie, we also offer an extra-large pizza that’s even bigger than the standard 16 inches. Just ask about our specialty pizzas in larger sizes.

How Many Slices in a Large Pizza?

Now that you know the size of a large pizza, you’re probably wondering how many slices it has. At Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, our large pizzas come with eight slices. This is standard across all our locations, so you don’t have to worry about variations when ordering from a different spot.

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You may notice that many medium pizzas are also cut into eight slices. The difference lies in the total diameter of the pizza. A medium-sized pizza is generally about 14 inches.

Feeding a Crowd with a Large Pie

If you’re wondering how many people a large pizza can feed, the answer depends on appetites and pizza preference. As a general guideline, a large pie can comfortably feed up to six people. Assuming most people eat one slice, with a few going for a second, this size should satisfy your hungry crew.

Of course, if you have a group of ravenous pizza lovers who can gobble down two to three slices each, you might need to order more than one pie. But don’t worry, at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, we’ve got plenty of pizza to go around. No one in your group will go hungry.

Price of a Large Pizza

We understand that knowing the cost of a large pizza is essential before placing an order. The price of a large pie at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill varies depending on the type of pizza you choose. Plain cheese pizzas are generally the most affordable option, with additional charges for each topping. One-topping pies, like pepperoni, usually fall in the mid-range. Our specialty pizzas, such as the Meat Eaters Pizza or the BBQ Chicken Pizza, may have a slightly higher price tag.

However, we strive to keep our prices as affordable as possible because we believe that delicious pizza should be accessible to everyone.

Order a Large Pizza Today

Now that we’ve answered all your questions about large pizzas, it’s time to satisfy your pizza cravings. Place an order at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill for takeout or delivery today. You can conveniently order by phone or through our online portal, where you can even track the progress of your order with our Howie Track® feature.

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Swing by our restaurant on your way home from work or have your pizza delivered straight to your doorstep. And don’t forget to check out our delicious sides, desserts, and drinks to complete your meal. Order now and experience pizza perfection at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill.

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