The Ultimate Guide to the 15 Largest Pizza Chains in the US

Are you a pizza lover? Searching for the best pizza chains in America? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the 15 largest pizza chains in the US. Get ready to satisfy your pizza cravings with this ultimate guide!

Crust and Competition: Independent Pizzerias vs Chain Dominance

The pizza industry in the US is a dynamic and fiercely competitive realm. While pizza franchises dominate the market with their nationwide presence and extensive resources, independent pizzerias have carved out their own space by leveraging their uniqueness, community connections, and emphasis on quality. The competition between these two segments offers a diverse range of options for pizza enthusiasts.

Slicing Up the Pizza Industry: Largest Players in the US Market

When it comes to the largest pizza chains in the US, the spotlight naturally falls on the dominant franchises that have a strong national presence. Companies like Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, and Papa John’s have become household names, known not only for their tasty pizzas but also for their innovative marketing campaigns and efficient delivery services. These pizza giants have consistently topped the charts, satisfying the pizza cravings of millions of Americans.

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So, who sells the most pizza in the United States? According to recent data, Domino’s Pizza emerged as the top pizza restaurant in the US, boasting sales amounting to billions of dollars. Domino’s has maintained its dominant position in the US since 2017, consistently leading in terms of sales. But the battle for supremacy between major pizza franchises remains intense, with each brand offering its own unique flavors and experiences.

Embracing Tradition: Independent Pizzerias Rising

While the major pizza chains enjoy nationwide recognition, regional players and independent pizzerias have also gained significant market share in their respective areas. These pizzerias have managed to expand their operations to multiple locations, offering unique and locally-inspired flavors that cater to specific community tastes. Their emphasis on quality, personalized service, and adaptability has helped them build loyal customer bases and stand out from the chain pizzas.

The 15 Largest Pizza Chains in the US

Now let’s dive into the list of the 15 largest pizza chains in the US. We’ve meticulously curated this list based on their franchise presence and ranked them in ascending order.

15. Cici’s Pizza

Number of locations: 277

CiCi’s Pizza is a popular American pizza buffet restaurant chain known for its wide variety of freshly made pizzas. They offer classic flavors and unique specialty options, all served on an all-you-can-eat buffet. With a family-friendly atmosphere and affordable pricing, CiCi’s Pizza is a top choice for gatherings and casual dining.

14. Sbarro

Number of locations: 321

Sbarro Pizza is a renowned pizzeria chain known for its delectable New York-style slices. With a rich history dating back to 1956, Sbarro has garnered a loyal following worldwide.

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13. Blaze Pizza

Number of locations: 324

Blaze Pizza is a prominent pizza chain that offers made-to-order, individual-sized pizzas with unlimited toppings at a fixed price. Their efficient utilization of human resources and continuous growth reflect their success in the highly competitive food industry.

12. Round Table Pizza

Number of locations: 409

Round Table Pizza showcased its resilience in the competitive Quick Service segment with commendable success. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, this renowned pizza chain achieved significant year-over-year growth.

11. Jet’s Pizza

Number of locations: 430

Jet’s Pizza is one of the top pizza chains in America, adored by pizza enthusiasts for its mouthwatering offerings and outstanding service. They harnessed the power of technology to achieve remarkable sales growth.

10. Chuck E’ Cheese

Number of locations: 468

Chuck E. Cheese offers a unique experience blending food, games, and entertainment. With a wide range of pizza toppings to choose from, they cater to different preferences, making it a popular choice for families and gatherings.

9. Hungry Howies

Number of locations: 530

Hungry Howie’s Pizza is one of the most popular pizza chains in the US. Known for its flavored crust options and emphasis on community involvement, it has garnered a loyal customer base.

8. Mod Pizza

Number of locations: 557

MOD Pizza is a fast-casual pizza chain that offers made-to-order, individual-sized pizzas with unlimited toppings. They prioritize a “people-first” culture and actively support local communities through charitable initiatives.

7. Papa Murphy’s

Number of locations: 1,139

Papa Murphy’s is a take-and-bake pizza chain that prepares fresh pizzas to be baked at home. With a strong position in the market, they consistently deliver quality and value to their customers.

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6. Marco’s Pizza

Number of locations: 1,158

Marco’s Pizza is one of the largest pizza chains in the US, known for its delicious pizzas. With a well-established presence in the industry, they continue to satisfy the pizza cravings of Americans.

Stay tuned for the next article in which we will unveil the top 5 largest pizza chains in the US!

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