A Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Steak

Have you ever wondered what sets a great steak apart from the rest? Well, there are two main factors to consider – flavor and tenderness. While it’s rare to find a steak that excels in both qualities, there’s a golden rule to follow: sear your steak over high heat, cook it to your liking, and let it rest for a few minutes to enhance the flavors. But how do you determine which steak suits you best? Read on to find out!

Feather Blade

If you’re an adventurous foodie, then the feather blade is the steak for you. This lesser-known cut comes from the shoulder blade and offers a burst of sweet flavors. However, it’s important to cook it rare; otherwise, it can become tough. The best part? It’s budget-friendly too!


The sirloin steak is often favored by city-dwellers and those with more refined tastes. This cut, from the middle back of the animal, is well-marbled with tasty fat. While it may not have the deepest flavor, modern butchers have started hanging it for longer, adding a beefy richness. For the perfect sirloin, flash fry or griddle it – home grills might not be hot enough.


Are you a trendy eater who loves bold flavors? Then the rib-eye steak is calling your name. Coming from the fore rib, this cut is marbled with a central piece of fat, making it incredibly tasty. Whether you’re grilling or cooking on another surface, make sure it’s really hot for the best results.

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The fillet, often considered the lady’s steak, is known for its tenderness. This muscle does no work, making it incredibly tender but lacking in flavor. However, it’s perfect for serving rare with a peppercorn, mushroom, or blue-cheese sauce to add that extra punch. You can also get creative by rolling it in egg white, crushed peppercorns, and frying it for a unique twist.


For those who truly appreciate the flavors of a steak, the rump is the go-to choice. Coming from the backside, this cut is packed with rich, full-bodied flavors. It’s best to buy a thick piece, flash-fry it, and then slice it into ribbons. However, as it’s not as tender as other cuts, it needs a bit longer to cook.


If you’re up for a challenge, try cooking the T-bone or Porterhouse steak. These cuts consist of both sirloin and fillet, which cook at different rates, making it tricky to achieve perfection. However, once you accept the compromise, this steak offers a delightful dining experience.


For the well-traveled food enthusiasts, the onglet is a must-try. This large, sausage-shaped strip from the center of the animal boasts a unique rope-like texture and deep flavors. Although not as tender as some cuts, it can be incredibly tasty when thinly sliced.

Goose Skirt/Bavette

Thrifty cooks with a knack for flavor will appreciate the goose skirt or bavette. This flat, marbled sheet of meat offers a delicate yet rich taste. For an extra burst of flavor, try marinating it in soy sauce before cooking and serving it sliced across the grain.

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Point Steak

If you’re a seasoned shopper with a taste for the finer things, the point steak is a hidden gem. With its triangular shape and a combination of rump and sirloin flavors, it offers great value. This steak is quick to cook, and you can test its doneness by pressing it with your thumb – the firmer it feels, the more well-done it is.

Minute Steak

For the budget-conscious cook in need of a quick meal, the minute steak is here to save the day. Typically cut from the rump cap, this thin slice of beef is perfect for a steak sandwich. While it may not be the most tender, it’s a staple in France and can be found at an affordable price.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different cuts and their unique qualities, it’s time to embark on your culinary adventure. Whether you prefer tenderness or flavor, there’s a perfect steak waiting for you. So fire up the grill or get that pan sizzling, and enjoy a mouth-watering steak experience!

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