Pizza Hut Introduces ‘Skinny Slice’ – A Lighter Delight

Pizza Hut is spicing up its menu and taking on the competition with a fresh twist. Say hello to the ‘Skinny Slice’ – a lighter take on their classic pies. The scrumptious experiment is currently being test-marketed in Toledo, Ohio, and West Palm Beach, Florida.

The ‘Skinny Slice’ pies are a clever variation of their regular counterparts. Using the same beloved dough, Pizza Hut has scaled down the toppings, resulting in a lighter and healthier option. By reducing ingredients, they aim to cut down on calories without compromising on taste.

Pizza Hut is following the footsteps of other fast-food chains that have successfully revamped their image by offering lighter choices. However, not all attempts have hit the mark. Burger King recently discontinued their ‘Satisfries,’ their lower-calorie french fries, due to lackluster response.

This experiment comes at a crucial time for Pizza Hut, as they strive to regain their market share. With a 2 percent decline in sales at U.S. locations last year, they have some catching up to do. In contrast, Domino’s witnessed a 5.4 percent increase, while Papa John’s experienced a 4 percent rise in sales in North America.

Industry analyst Darren Tristano suggests that Pizza Hut’s market dominance may be working against them. Being the biggest player puts them in a position of vulnerability. Additionally, Pizza Hut has struggled to evolve their product, while their competitors, like Papa John’s and Domino’s, have made significant improvements.

The ‘Skinny Slice’ test differs slightly between the two markets. In Toledo, customers have the freedom to create their own Skinny Slice pies with up to five toppings. Each slice contains a maximum of 300 calories. In West Palm Beach, customers can choose from six pre-determined pies, with each slice containing no more than 250 calories.

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It’s essential to note that the Skinny Slice is a lighter alternative to Pizza Hut’s popular hand-tossed crusts. A regular hand-tossed slice has 300 calories, while a pan pizza slice packs 350 calories. The ‘Thin `N Crispy’ option is slightly leaner, with each slice containing 260 calories.

This isn’t the first time Pizza Hut has explored healthier options. Over a decade ago, they introduced the ‘Fit n’ Delicious’ pies, which had even fewer calories than the new Skinny Slice pies. If the test proves successful, the Skinny Slice pies could replace the Fit N’ Delicious line, which is still available upon request.

Pizza chains are no strangers to experimenting with alternative crusts. Domino’s, for instance, introduced a gluten-free crust in 2012, which remains a popular choice. They also dabbled with a whole wheat crust during the Atkins craze, but the idea didn’t resonate with their customers.

As Pizza Hut bravely ventures into the land of lighter options, they are keeping their fingers crossed for a positive response. Only time will tell if the Skinny Slice will become a permanent addition to the Pizza Hut menu. In the meantime, pizza lovers in Toledo and West Palm Beach can savor the enticing flavors of these guilt-free slices.

If you can’t wait to sink your teeth into a Skinny Slice or explore other delectable offerings from Pizza Hut, visit their website here.