Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet: A Trip Down Memory Lane!

Ah, the nostalgia of a mouth-watering Lunch Buffet at Pizza Hut! A TikTok video showcasing this delightful experience has left viewers wondering if the same option is available in the US and UK.

Back in the ’90s, Pizza Hut offered this extensive meal service across various parts of the world. Sadly, as time passed, only a select few locations continued the tradition into the 2000s and beyond. This viral TikTok has sparked hope among Pizza Hut fans, who yearn to relive their childhood memories.

Lunch Buffet at Pizza Hut: A Regional Affair

So, does Pizza Hut have a Lunch Buffet in the US and UK? Well, while the Lunch Buffet option is still available in select locations across the UK, US restaurants have bid farewell to this beloved meal option. Most Pizza Hut stores in the United States stopped serving Lunch Buffets in 2014, although a handful of stores continued until 2020.

However, fear not! If you find yourself in Australia or the United Kingdom, you can still indulge in the glorious Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet on weekdays and even weekends in certain locations. Just use the store locator to find a buffet near you and relish the feast!

What’s the Damage?

Now, let’s talk about the cost. The Lunch Buffet on weekdays starts at £9.99 for adults and £7.99 for kids, and both meals generously include unlimited salad. If you’re feeling extravagant, consider upgrading your experience with a bottomless drink and a visit to the Ice Cream Factory. For adults, the upgraded package starts at £14.99, while kids can enjoy it for £9.99.

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On weekends and Bank Holidays, the unlimited buffet starts at £15.99 for adults and £7.99 for kids. Quite a tempting offer, don’t you think?

According to Mashed, a Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet in Australia costs AUS $25 or approximately 17 US dollars. Now that’s a deal worth savoring!

Reliving the Past with Pizza Hut

This viral TikTok has reignited a wave of nostalgia among viewers. The captivating narration and the display of a variety of Pizza options from the lunch buffet have transported users back to the ’80s and ’90s, reminding them of birthday parties at Pizza Hut and the joy of indulging in this buffet. It’s clear that this cherished memory holds a special place in the hearts of many.

So, although the Lunch Buffet may no longer be available in the US, the UK and Australia still offer this beloved experience. If you’re in one of these lucky countries, take a trip down memory lane and relish the best of Pizza Hut’s Lunch Buffet!

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Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet: A Trip Down Memory Lane!