Doreen’s Pizzeria – Your Guide to the Perfect Pizza Order

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s a universally cherished food, with the average American consuming nearly six thousand slices in their lifetime. But when it comes to ordering pizza for a group, it can be a bit tricky to determine how much to get. Don’t worry, though! We’ve got you covered with a simple rule that will ensure everyone is satisfied: the 3/8 rule. Let’s dive into the details!

Know Your Pizza Serving Size

The 3/8 rule is a great starting point. Assuming each person will eat three slices of pizza, you can estimate how many slices to order based on the number of people you’re feeding. However, let’s face it – most people tend to eat more than three slices. In fact, many finish off the entire pie. So, it’s always a good idea to get as much pizza as your budget allows.

How to Calculate the Amount of Pizza You Need

To begin, determine the number of people you’re feeding. An estimate of three slices per person is a good starting point, but keep in mind that this might vary based on the specific individuals in your group. Additionally, consider the following factors:

  • Budget: Determine how much you’re willing to spend on pizza.
  • Number of People: Take into account the total number of people you’re planning to feed.
  • Toppings: Think about the variety of toppings you want to include.
  • Party Theme: Consider the theme of your gathering to customize your pizza selection accordingly.
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Feeding a Crowd: More Than 10 People

If you need to feed a larger group of more than 10 people, a general rule of thumb is that one 10-inch pizza will satisfy eight people. So, to accommodate more than 10 people, a great option is to order four 10-inch pizzas, providing enough for approximately 16 people.

Factors to Consider

Certain factors may affect your pizza order, such as the age group or eating habits of your guests. Take note of the following recommendations:

  • Children and Light Eaters: If you’re hosting a gathering where many children or people with lighter appetites will be present, it’s wise to order two 10-inch pizzas for every 10 people.
  • Hungry Men or Big Eaters: On the other hand, if your party consists of hungry men or people with big appetites, one 10-inch pizza per seven people should suffice.

2 Medium Pizzas vs. 1 Large Pizza

You might think the math is simple: two medium pizzas can feed two more people than a large pizza. However, it depends on the size of the pizzas you order. For instance, two 12-inch pizzas will feed more people than one 18-inch pizza. So, keep the size in mind when making your decision.

Pizza Sizes and Their Serving Capacities

Let’s break down the serving capacities based on different pizza sizes:

  • Small 10″ Pizza: This size can comfortably feed two people. It’s a great option if you plan on serving other food alongside the pizzas.
  • Medium 14″ Pizza: A 14-inch pizza is perfect for four people. If your group consists of small eaters or if you’re serving a light meal with other dishes, this is a practical choice.
  • Large 16″ Pizza: With a 16-inch pizza, you can satisfy six to eight people. If you’re complementing the meal with additional food, this size will work well.
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The Perfect Pizza Order

Ultimately, the number of people a pizza can feed depends on various factors. If you’re uncertain about the exact number of guests, it’s always better to have extra pizza on hand to avoid running out. After all, leftovers are never a bad thing!

If you’re in Dyer and looking for a pizza place that can cater to your specific order, you should give Doreen’s Pizzeria a try. We offer a wide selection of delicious slices that you won’t have to share! Visit our Hook’d Up Bar and Grill website to place your order today.