The Perfected Hawaiian Pizza: A Tasty Fusion of Sweet and Savory Flavors

Hawaiian pizza, the epitome of flavor harmony, brings together the tantalizing combination of sweetness and savory goodness on a perfectly crispy crust. Each mouthwatering slice is a treasure trove of melty mozzarella cheese, salty bacon, and juicy pineapple chunks that dance on your taste buds.

Hawaiian pizza cut into eight slices

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – the pineapple debate. Adding pineapple to pizza has undoubtedly divided opinions. But for those of us who have embraced this culinary delight, Hawaiian Pizza becomes a top choice when ordering or making a pie. The delightful contrast of tangy pineapple blends harmoniously with the succulent Canadian bacon, while a touch of smoky bacon elevates each bite to new heights.

When it comes to preparing this delectable dish, you have a few options. It all depends on your available time and whether you want a quick meal or prefer to indulge in a homemade experience. Either way, this pizza promises to transport your taste buds to the exquisite flavors of the islands and a delightful luau.

Compilation of four photos showing how to make a pizza

The Origin of Flavorful Fusion

Despite its name, Hawaiian pizza has surprisingly Canadian origins. In the 1960s, the Satellite Restaurant in Chatham, Ontario, was famous for its mouthwatering ham and pineapple topped pies. The ingenious cook, Sam Panopoulos, looking to introduce new and diverse flavors to traditional menu items, decided to experiment with pineapple as a topping. And boy, are we glad he did! This delightful combination has since conquered the hearts (and taste buds) of countless pizza lovers worldwide.

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Crafting the Perfect Pizza

If you haven’t yet tried making pizza dough from scratch, now is the time to embark on this delicious journey. With a simple mixture of flour, salt, yeast, water, and olive oil, you can create a homemade pizza dough that will leave you amazed at its ease of preparation. In just about an hour, you can have your dough ready to ferment and rise into a beautiful base for your pizza. Alternatively, if time is a constraint, a pound of fresh store-bought dough works exceptionally well for a quick and convenient meal option, available in the refrigerator section of most grocery stores.

Person placing pineapple chunks on a pizza with pieces of Canadian bacon

Tasty Toppings to Elevate the Experience

To create the ultimate Hawaiian pizza experience, a simple and flavorful marinara sauce doubles as an excellent pizza sauce. Shredded mozzarella cheese provides the perfect melty texture to bring all the toppings together. And if you happen to have fresh pineapple, cutting it into bite-sized chunks, roughly ½-inch in size, will enhance the pizza’s natural sweetness.

For the bacon enthusiasts, we have a treat in store for you. This recipe calls for two types of bacon – round slices of lean Canadian bacon and crispy strips of bacon, chopped into small pieces. This combination adds a deeper cured flavor and tantalizing smoky notes. You can either roast the raw bacon in the oven or pan-fry a smaller batch until it reaches the perfect level of crunchiness.

Small chopped pieces of bacon on top of a pizza

Crafting the Perfect Slice

To attain pizza perfection, we recommend preheating your oven to a blazing hot 500ºF (260ºC). This high heat ensures a super crisp bottom crust, a golden surface, and the perfect melting of the cheese. To add an extra crunch, grease your baking sheet with oil and a sprinkle of cornmeal. Shape the pizza dough into a circle, then press it out into a larger round directly on the sheet for easier handling.

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Once your pizza dough is ready, spread the pizza sauce, cheese, Canadian bacon, pineapple chunks, and chopped bacon evenly across the crust. Place the pizza on the lowest rack in the oven and bake until the crust turns a beautiful golden brown, and the cheese becomes hot and delightfully bubbly. Finally, slice and indulge in the sheer satisfaction of enjoying a slice of Hawaiian paradise.

More Pizza Adventures Await

If you’ve developed a newfound passion for pizza, why not explore more mouthwatering options? Dive into the Skillet Margherita Pizza for a classic twist or savor the Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza for a tangy and smoky flavor. For a unique experience, try the Fig and Prosciutto Pizza, where sweet meets salty in the most delightful way.

Close up of a slice of Hawaiian pizza on a cutting board

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