The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Steak and Chips

Welcome, food enthusiasts! It’s a new year, and we’re back with another tantalizing dish for you to savor: steak and chips. A true classic that has undoubtedly been the subject of many passionate debates. So, grab your steak knife and let’s dive in!

Finding the Perfect Cut

Cooking a steak to perfection is an art. While we won’t delve into the cooking process here, it’s important to choose the right cut. Forget about fillet; it lacks depth of flavor. T-bone may impress with its size, but it’s not always the most sensible choice. A sirloin steak can often be too fatty, leaving you with a relatively dry piece of meat. For the ultimate steak experience, go for well-marbled rump or rib-eye. The rump, if not overly trimmed, should have delightful stretches of crisped fat at the edges. Another excellent option is onglet, with its tender texture and sweet-savory contrast. And let’s not forget the feathered skirt, which truly shines when marinated.

When it comes to beef, opt for grass-fed, British varieties. Not only will it taste better, but it also alleviates any guilt about the environmental impact. Aging is also crucial. Some experts suggest a maximum of 35 days to avoid any unpleasant flavors. However, my personal favorite was a 42-day aged steak. The key is to strike a balance between a developed flavor complexity and the essence of beef.

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Cooking it Just Right

Now, let’s talk about how you like your steak done. Well-done? You might as well chew on your own shoe. While some may favor a rare steak that’s practically raw, it’s essential to apply some heat to the center of a rump or sirloin steak. This process denatures the collagen and enhances the overall texture. Aim for a steak that’s predominantly beefy, with a sweet purple-red core, transitioning to rosy-pink and a crusty, well-seared exterior.

The Art of Sauces

Choosing the right sauce for your steak is a serious matter. While there are many options out there, there’s really only one contender: béarnaise sauce. This luxurious, buttery emollient adds a vinegary zing and a hint of tarragon to complement the richness of a good steak. Rather than drowning the steak in a peppercorn sauce or overpowering it with bold flavors, béarnaise sauce allows you to savor the meat itself. Serve it in a small container for dipping, adding just the right amount of flavor to each bite.

The Perfect Pair: Steak and Fries

When it comes to the perfect accompaniment, forget about chips. You need hot, rustling frites – glistening sticks of starch and oil. The British chip, when not cooked properly, can be a disappointment. Fat chips, if dry and mealy, can take away from the mouthwatering experience of steak. Light, airy fries provide the ideal textural contrast and an extra layer of satisfying oiliness. This combination of fat on fat is an indulgence worth embracing. Trust me, once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back. And please, spare me the suggestion of serving steak with baked potatoes or any other potato variation. Stick to the classic fries for a truly gratifying meal.

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The Simplicity of a Salad

A steak doesn’t need excessive garnishes. A sprig of parsley, a few mushroom slices, or a single onion ring only distract from the main attraction: the meat itself. Hot vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, or peas are simply unnecessary. Cream and butter add an unctuous richness that detracts from the natural flavors of the steak. Creamed spinach may seem luxurious, but it takes away from the steak’s majesty. Instead, opt for a refreshing salad. Whether it’s a simple watercress salad, a combination of parmesan and rocket, or something zesty with onions and tomatoes, let the steak take center stage.

Presentation and Enjoyment

Now, here’s where personal preference comes into play. Some might prefer a wooden board for a touch of primal indulgence, while others may opt for a more sophisticated plate presentation. Regardless, a sound steak knife is a must. Pre-slicing your meat is a mortal sin; the joy lies in hacking and sawing through your own steak. It’s an integral part of the experience.

The Perfect Drink Pairing

Red wine is the classic choice when it comes to steak. However, for a crisp and refreshing option, consider a pale, crisply bitter beer like a pils or golden ale. These types of beers complement the steak without overpowering it. If you prefer darker beers like stouts, be cautious, as their roasted notes may overshadow the carbonized qualities of the steak. And whatever you do, avoid water. It has a peculiar tendency to transform even the best steak into a tasteless, stringy mess.

Where to Indulge

While cooking steak at home can be a delightful experience, why not treat yourself occasionally and enjoy a steak in a restaurant renowned for its expertise? Not everyone has the convenience of a top-notch butcher nearby or a Josper grill for that smoky, high-temperature cooking. From both an ecological and culinary perspective, savoring a perfectly cooked steak in a reputable restaurant is worth considering.

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So, how do you like your steak and chips? Whether you’re a rare purist or prefer your steak cooked to medium, it’s all about finding the right balance of flavors and textures. Bon appétit!

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