The Ultimate Beef Stroganoff Recipe: A Flavorful Delight

Welcome to The Ultimate Beef Stroganoff Recipe! Prepare to be amazed by the most mouthwatering and tender Beef Stroganoff you’ve ever tasted. This recipe features ribeye steak, beef stock, wine, and a divine blend of seasonings to create a symphony of flavors.

beef stroganoff with mushrooms and noodles on white plate

This dish is the crown jewel of Cooking with Mamma C. Countless trials went into perfecting The Ultimate Beef Stroganoff Recipe, and those who have savored it can’t stop raving about its exquisite taste!

Originating from Russia, Beef Stroganoff combines succulent beef strips with a luxurious sour cream sauce, often accompanied by mushrooms and egg noodles. It’s a dish close to my heart, as my Hungarian Grandpa would savor it during our Sunday family dinners, alongside Hungarian Chicken Paprikash with Dumplings.

My mom’s Stroganoff is truly legendary. She incorporates wine, just like they do in Europe, and a secret blend of seasonings that elevate the dish to new heights. However, I was determined to find a quicker method by braising the meat for a shorter duration.

beef Stroganoff with mushrooms and noodles on plate

After countless experiments, I have finally mastered The Ultimate Beef Stroganoff Recipe, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

But bear in mind, my dear friend, that this masterpiece requires over an hour of mostly hands-on preparation. So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a culinary adventure. Trust me, the effort will be well worth it!

Unveiling the Ingredients

raw steak, noodles, wine, beef stock, mushrooms, onions, sour cream, seasonings

Let’s explore the culinary wonders that compose this extraordinary recipe:

  • Ribeye Steak: This cut of beef reigns supreme when it comes to Stroganoff. It boasts unparalleled tenderness and flavor, even after trimming off most of the fat. If you prefer a more budget-friendly alternative, pork tenderloin can be substituted.

  • Seasonings: Prepare for an explosion of flavors with a blend of paprika, ground mustard, salt, and pepper. I owe this sensational seasoning combination to my dear mother, who passed on this secret. Brace yourself for a taste sensation like no other!

  • Mushrooms: Seek out the freshest white mushrooms available, preferably whole, as they are easier to clean than pre-sliced ones. If you desire a more mushroom-centric experience, feel free to use a full pound of these delectable fungi without adjusting the seasonings!

  • White Wine: My personal preference is Sauvignon Blanc, but you can also opt for Pinot Grigio or sherry. Just ensure the wine isn’t too dry. If alcohol isn’t your cup of tea, don’t fret! Simply substitute an additional ½ cup of beef stock for the wine.

  • Beef Stock: The secret behind the savory depth of flavor in your Beef Stroganoff sauce lies in using stock instead of broth. Trust me, it makes all the difference!

  • Egg Noodles: Wide egg noodles cooked to al dente perfection are my go-to choice here. They not only taste divine but also hold up well when enjoyed as leftovers. For a healthier twist, whole wheat egg noodles are a delightful alternative.

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Mastering the Art of Beef Stroganoff

To fully unlock the secrets of creating The Ultimate Beef Stroganoff, follow the steps outlined below:

Tenderize the Steak

Even though the ribeye steak starts off tender, we want to take it to the next level of melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Employ the following method to achieve the optimal level of tenderness:

  • Use a meat mallet or the bottom of a heavy pan to pound the steak until it reaches a ¼-inch thickness.
  • Remove and discard any excess fat.
  • Slice the beef into strips, cutting against the grain, for a more tender texture.

raw steaks, pounded steak, beef strips, seasonings

Cooking the Beef Stroganoff

Now, let’s dive into the culinary adventure of cooking the Beef Stroganoff:

  • As you quickly brown the meat, sprinkle the seasoning blend onto the beef strips. This will infuse them with an explosion of flavor.
  • Cook the mushrooms and onions until all the liquid evaporates, and they turn a beautiful golden brown. This crucial step builds layer upon layer of flavor. Wait until the mushrooms reach the desired stage before proceeding.
  • After adding flour to the mushrooms, deglaze the pan with white wine, creating a flavor powerhouse.
  • Substitute beef stock for beef broth to intensify the savory notes of the sauce.
  • Thicken the mushroom sauce by adding sour cream, ensuring not to overcook the steak to preserve its succulent juiciness.
  • Cook the egg noodles to perfection, then drain and mix in a touch of butter for added richness.

forkful of beef and noodles

Perfect Pairings

Traditionally, Beef Stroganoff is enjoyed over a bed of egg noodles. However, mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, or dumplings would also make excellent companions to this dish. As the Stroganoff already incorporates mushrooms, you can simply serve it alongside The Best Italian Green Salad. And don’t forget to have some Homemade Italian Bread ready for dipping in the creamy Stroganoff sauce!

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Now, my dear friend, it’s time to savor The Ultimate Beef Stroganoff Recipe. After you give it a try, please leave a comment and a rating to let me know about your delightful experience!

(Recipe Source: Inspired by Mom’s Beef Stroganoff. Originally published on September 20, 2018, and updated now with additional photos and information.)

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