The Energy of Electric Foods: Unleashing Your Body’s Power

Unleashing the Energy Within

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I hope you’re ready to embark on an intriguing journey into the realm of alkaline foods. Today, I want to share with you a concept that has truly sparked my curiosity: the power of electric foods. So, let’s dive right in!

Unleashing the Energy Around Us

When we think of electricity, we might recall potato light bulb experiments from our childhood. But did you know that plants, just like us, possess an electric energy field? These electric foods, whether consumed raw or cooked, are enveloped by an energy aura. It’s truly remarkable how plants and humans share this similarity!

Think about it – have you ever entered a room where an argument just occurred? You can feel the tension lingering in the air, right? That’s the bioelectric emotional charge after the heated exchange. Electric foods also possess energy fields that impact our overall well-being.

Seeing is Believing

Thanks to the invention of Kirlian Photography in 1939, we can now witness the vibrant energy that surrounds both our bodies and plants. This photographic technique captures what is known as “electrical coronal discharge,” unveiling the hidden energies enveloping us. Take a look at these captivating images:

Leaf Before and After

Powering Our Cells

Electric foods create an ideal environment for nourishing, repairing, detoxifying, and cleansing our cells. It’s fascinating to discover that our bodies are electric, much like the foods we consume. This means that for optimal chemical affinity, we need to consume electrical foods. Essentially, we are human batteries, and the sun provides the electricity we need through our diet.

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Unfortunately, the foods available today are often heavily processed, filled with chemicals, and genetically modified. These alterations have diminished their electrical properties, reducing their chemical affinity with our bodies.

The Energy Within

Kirlian Photography has revealed that raw organic foods possess a stronger energy charge compared to their cooked counterparts. Additionally, the longer it takes for food to reach our plates, the weaker its bioelectric field becomes. As the field weakens, its energy diminishes. The vitality of our food is directly linked to the strength of its bioelectric field, and our health depends on maintaining a robust bioelectric charge.


Supercharge Your Health

Your body’s average bioelectric charge is around 70 MHz, allowing it to function optimally. Fruits boast a bioelectric charge between 65 to 75 MHz, while vegetables range from 70 to 90 MHz. These foods act as superheroes for our bodies.

Cucumbers, dark green leafy vegetables, onions, seaweeds, avocados, limes, sesame seeds, Seville oranges, tomatoes, dandelions, and berries (excluding cranberries) are just a few examples of electric foods that deliver a powerful bioelectric punch.

But what happens when we consume foods with a low bioelectric charge? Imagine purchasing canned fruits from the supermarket, processed at high temperatures to prolong their shelf life. Unfortunately, the heat “kills” the food’s bioelectricity, rendering it nutritionally barren. Dead food simply cannot nourish living cells.

The Healing Potential of Electric Foods

Electric foods, as outlined in Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide, offer a multitude of benefits. They provide our bodies with an abundance of solar-photonic energy, ensuring optimal organ function. Additionally, these foods contain essential minerals like iron, sodium, magnesium, and calcium, which aid in electrical energy conduction. This extra energy powers your self-healing immune system.

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Dr. Sebi recognized that disease often stems from mucus accumulation caused by body acidity. This acidity prompts our bodies to extract minerals from our bones to restore alkalinity, triggering the production of mucus as a protective measure against acidic damage.

Embracing an alkaline diet, rich in electric foods, plays a crucial role in balancing our body’s pH levels. An alkaline environment inhibits harmful bacteria, reduces inflammation, and prevents uncontrolled cell growth. It’s like a natural healing and detoxification haven for the body.

A Shocking Revelation

You might be surprised to learn that blood circulation in our bodies relies more on electric charge than on our hearts alone. When red blood cells possess the correct electrical charge, they can effortlessly navigate even the tiniest blood vessels. However, if the charge is too low, these cells clump together, hindering oxygenation.

Blood Cells

Unleashing Your Full Potential

Raw foods, with their robust bioelectric fields, offer a multitude of benefits for our bodies. These foods enhance nutrient absorption, boost energy levels, reduce inflammation, and promote healing. So why not take charge of your own food production if you have the time and space? Imagine using the soil, water, and compost of your choice to grow your own organic produce. It’s a fantastic way to ensure the strongest possible bioelectric charge. If you’re interested, our How to Grow Your Own Greens article is an excellent place to start. You don’t need much space; a humble windowsill is enough to harness the sun’s power through microgreens.

Moreover, when you are your own source of food, you can minimize storage time. Electric foods are most potent immediately after harvest, ensuring you receive the maximum benefits if they come from your home.

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Handle with Care

Cooking should be done sparingly. Heat diminishes the electrical charge of food, and overcooking can result in nutrient loss, especially in vegetables. Consider blanching your vegetables and opting for baking over frying, as these methods help preserve a food’s bioelectric charge.


Juicing for Vitality

Juices are a fantastic way to boost your energy levels. Green juices, made from leafy greens and herbs, are particularly rich in bioelectric energy. These beverages allow you to fully reap the benefits of your electric foods while giving your digestive system the rest it needs to heal.

Quench Your Thirst with Nature’s Brew

According to Dr. Sebi, “Nature didn’t make any water with chemicals… so the best water is spring water.” Pure and untouched by processing, spring water is rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium, essential minerals for maintaining your body’s pH balance. Additionally, spring water possesses a structure that your body naturally prefers and carries its own electrical charge. So make sure to include a gallon of spring water in your daily routine for optimum health.

Unleashing Your Potential

When combined with occasional cleansing, an alkalized electric diet is a powerful tool for achieving optimal health. By incorporating energizing bioelectric foods into your daily meals, you can experience a remarkable shift in your mental and physical well-being. Imagine having double the energy and vitality in your life!

Remember, food can either drain your resources or give you energy. Dead, processed food falls into the former category. Deep down, we all know this truth, but addiction and constant advertising often cloud our judgment.

So, why not choose organic, alkaline, raw, and delicious foods to boost your bioelectricity? It’s time to unlock the power within you and nurture your body with the energy it craves.

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