A Flavorful Take on Overdrive: The Way Huge Pork Loin

This article will take you on a journey through the world of overdrive pedals, with a focus on the Way Huge Pork Loin. Join us as we explore the unique features and sound capabilities of this pedal, designed by the acclaimed FX Guru, George Tripps.


When it comes to generating rich and captivating tones, overdrive pedals play a vital role in the arsenal of guitarists. The Way Huge Pork Loin is a noteworthy addition to the world of overdrive, created by the brilliant mind behind Way Huge electronics, George Tripps. This pedal showcases an amalgamation of a classic British pre-amp and a modern, soft clipping overdrive, delivering a one-of-a-kind experience for musicians.

Aesthetics and Features

The moment you lay your eyes on the Way Huge Pork Loin, you’ll be captivated by its stunning appearance. Its brushed purple steel and bold blue font demand attention, making it a true eye-catcher. The craftsmanship is undeniably sturdy, capable of withstanding the rigors of regular use. The pedal’s clever design includes a small door at the base for easy battery access and a top-mounted 9VDC input, ensuring pedal board compatibility.

At the core of this purple powerhouse lies a BiFET gain stage, accompanied by a clean pre-amp. The internal components are immaculately arranged on factory manufactured boards, exhibiting the precision and attention to detail that Way Huge is known for. The pedal features three main knobs for volume, tone, and overdrive control. However, George Tripps has gone the extra mile by incorporating two additional trim pots on the front and three more inside the pedal.

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The external trim pots offer control over the clean and curve settings, allowing users to fine-tune the clean pre-amp blend and corner frequencies of their sound. The internal trim pots, on the other hand, provide control over filter, presence, and drive mix. These hidden gems offer even greater versatility by adjusting the clean pre-amp tone, enhancing the top-end frequencies, and transforming the pedal into a dynamic clean boost.

The Sonic Experience

As you plug in the Way Huge Pork Loin for the first time, you’ll instantly feel transported to the golden era of warm, creamy tones. The pedal delivers a beautifully soft top end, ensuring each note retains its clarity and dynamics. The tone knob offers an extensive range of frequencies without sacrificing the pedal’s creamy character. The low end remains tight and dynamic, while the top end maintains a punchy yet soft quality.

While the overdrive and volume knobs may not provide an overwhelming amount of gain, the pedal compensates with its generous compression. With the factory settings, you’ll find yourself in the realm of musicians like Bonamassa or Eric Johnson—perfect for those seeking their signature tone. However, the true versatility of the Way Huge Pork Loin shines through the internal trim pots.

By experimenting with the clean and curve controls, you can unveil a brighter tonal palette. The clean pre-amp blend knob not only cleans up your sound but also adds transparency to your tone. Additionally, the internal trim pots, concealed within the pedal, offer a plethora of tonal possibilities. The presence control opens up the top end, reminiscent of the classic Marshall JMP sound. The filter acts as a wide tone control for the clean pre-amp, further expanding your sonic options. The real gem, though, is the drive mix. By dialing it down while increasing the clean pre-amp blend, you can transform the pedal into a dynamic clean boost, pushing your amp’s valves and adding a touch of color.

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In conclusion, the Way Huge Pork Loin is a delightful gem among overdrive pedals. While it may not cater to metalheads or hard rock enthusiasts, it remains an essential choice for British blues aficionados or those yearning for the iconic tones of artists like Bonamassa and Johnson. Priced at $169, it may not be a steal, but its reliability and versatility make it a trustworthy companion for any gigging blues player. We highly recommend adding the Way Huge Pork Loin to your pedal board and exploring the endless sonic possibilities it has to offer.

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