Mastering the Perfect Wagyu Ribeye Steak Recipe

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Are you ready to experience the epitome of steak perfection? Look no further than my sensational Smoked Wagyu Steak Recipe. This unbeatable recipe will have you savoring the juiciest wagyu ribeye steak in under an hour. By combining the flavors imparted from a smoker and the searing power of a cast iron skillet, you’ll achieve steak nirvana. Let’s dive into this culinary adventure!

slices of wagyu steak up close with a fork

The Marvelous Wagyu Beef

My family and I are steak connoisseurs. A perfectly cooked steak accompanied by classic steakhouse sides like sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions is our idea of a delightful feast. When it comes to tenderness and flavor, nothing compares to wagyu beef. Even more succulent than a filet mignon, wagyu beef boasts unparalleled richness and natural beefy goodness. Believe me, with a simple sprinkling of coarse salt, this cut of beef shines brighter than the stars. No rubs or marinades needed! Treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable steak dinner experience!

slices of wagyu steak on a serving board

Wagyu Steak Recipe Ingredients

To fully appreciate the unrivaled flavors of wagyu steak, simplicity is key. You’ll only need a few essential ingredients:

  • A5 Wagyu Ribeye
  • Coarse sea salt
  • Black pepper (optional)
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Unlike other steak recipes, wagyu steak requires nothing more than a generous sprinkling of coarse salt. This allows the true essence of the beef to shine through.

wagyu steak recipe ingredients

The Art of Cooking Wagyu Steak in the Smoker

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey as we dive into the method of cooking wagyu steak to perfection. Let’s get started:

  1. Preheat your smoker to 225°F. Trim a small portion of fat from the wagyu steak, roughly 2 tablespoons, and set it aside. Generously season both sides of the steak with salt.
    cutting fat from wagyu steak

  2. Place the seasoned steak in the smoker and insert a meat thermometer. Smoke until the internal temperature reaches 115°F, approximately 30 minutes.
    wagyu steak in the smoker

  3. As the steak nears the desired temperature, preheat a cast iron skillet on high heat. Use the reserved fat to grease the skillet. Once the steak is done smoking, transfer it to the skillet and sear both sides for 1-2 minutes, or until it reaches your preferred level of doneness, as indicated by a meat thermometer.
    cooking wagyu steak in a skillet

  4. Allow the steak to rest for 5-10 minutes before thinly slicing it against the grain. The moment has arrived to indulge in an extraordinary culinary experience. Bon appétit!

For an added burst of flavor, serve your wagyu steak with a delightful spread of black truffle butter. Your taste buds will be in for a treat!

Understanding the Price of Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef commands a higher price due to the meticulous care and specific conditions in which the cattle are raised. These exceptional conditions ensure the cattle lead stress-free, healthy, and comfortable lives. In Japan, the production of wagyu beef is regulated to guarantee the fulfillment of these requirements.

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The Art of Raising Wagyu Beef

Although wagyu beef originated in Japan, it encompasses two distinct types: American wagyu and Japanese wagyu. Both American and Japanese wagyu farms employ special techniques to maintain the well-being of their livestock, resulting in the decadent wagyu beef we adore. These techniques prioritize the cows’ health, comfort, and low-stress levels. The cows flourish in open living conditions while enjoying a high-quality diet. This nurturing approach produces premium beef with unmatched flavor, texture, and quality. Each cut of wagyu beef is graded on a scale from A3 to A5, with A5 representing the highest quality. Any wagyu beef within this range guarantees abundant marbling and incredible flavor.

Wagyu vs Kobe Beef – Unveiling the Distinction

Contrary to popular belief, Kobe beef is not a separate type of beef, but rather a variety of wagyu beef. Kobe beef originates exclusively from the Tajima-Gyu strain of wagyu cattle found in the Hyōgo prefecture of Japan, with Kobe being its capital city. Merely a few thousand cows are certified as Kobe beef annually, making it a coveted and esteemed delicacy.

For a comprehensive guide to different steak cuts, be sure to check out my Steak Cuts Handbook!

smoked wagyu steak in a skillet

Frequently Asked Questions About Wagyu Steak

slices of wagyu steak with a fork

Tips for Preparing Wagyu Beef

To ensure your wagyu steak experience reaches new heights, consider the following tips:

  • Pellet smokers, such as the Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, are excellent for smoking beef recipes.
  • Allow the steak to absorb the flavors by salting it and letting it come to room temperature before cooking. This extra hour of patience rewards you with an even more tender and flavorsome steak.
  • The same cooking method can be replicated in an oven. This technique, known as the reverse sear method, is favored by professionals worldwide. Simply heat the oven to the same temperature as the smoker and remove the steak once it reaches the desired internal temperature.
  • Regardless of the steak’s size, achieving an internal temperature of 115 degrees is the ultimate goal.
  • Enhance your searing experience by experimenting with high-quality butter, rosemary, thyme, garlic, and even black truffle oil. Let your taste buds guide you!
  • Need inspiration for side dishes to accompany your wagyu steak? Check out my guide on “What to Serve with Steak.” Don’t forget to explore my guides on tenderizing steak and salting steak for other cuts!
  • If you prefer pan-seared wagyu steak, don’t miss my guide on “How to Cook Wagyu Steak.”
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Perfect Side Dishes for Wagyu Steak

Elevate your dining experience with these delectable side dishes:

  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Steakhouse Baked Potato
  • Steak Fries
  • Steak Alfredo

Explore the World of Smoked Beef Recipes

Expand your culinary repertoire with these sensational smoked beef recipes:

  • Smoked Prime Rib
  • Smoked Tomahawk Steak
  • Smoked Tri-Tip Recipe
  • Smoked Brisket


Prepare to delight your taste buds like never before with the extraordinary flavors of wagyu ribeye steak. Follow our impeccable recipe, and you’ll create a dining experience that will leave a lasting impression. Treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable meal at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed!


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