The Ultimate Wagyu Beef Burger Recipe

Make the most incredible burgers ever with my Wagyu burger recipe and you might never crave another type of burger again!

What Sets Wagyu Beef Apart?

Wagyu, which means “Japanese cow,” refers to beef from specific cattle breeds known for their luxurious marbling and buttery taste. In Japan, there are four designated breeds of Wagyu cattle, producing the most expensive Wagyu beef in the world.

You can also find more affordable options with American Wagyu beef, which is typically a cross between Wagyu cows and Angus cattle. Australian Wagyu is another alternative, crossbred with Holstein cattle. Despite being less pricey, both options still offer high-quality beef with a rich flavor.

Perfectly Seasoning Ground Beef

When it comes to seasoning ground beef, especially the high-quality Wagyu meat, it’s essential to handle it as minimally as possible. Excessive handling while seasoning and shaping the patties can result in a tough texture since it compresses the meat fibers.

Some people prefer to form the patties first and then season the outsides. This approach ensures that the seasonings stay on the surface without mixing them in. However, this method works best for thin patties (around 1/4″ thick) since the insides won’t have seasoning. For thick and juicy burgers with seasoning throughout, I’ve developed a better technique.

Here’s what you do: Gently crumble the raw ground beef onto a small sheet pan, ensuring it’s in a single layer and handled minimally. Sprinkle your seasonings over the crumbled beef and toss it gently to evenly distribute the seasoning. This method ensures an even seasoning across all the meat without the need for excessive mixing. From here, you can form your burger patties, being careful not to overwork the meat.

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Another effective approach is to partially freeze the meat. This allows it to be cold but still easy to break apart and mix with your hands. Break the cold ground beef apart in a bowl, season and toss to combine, and finally shape into patties.

How to Cook Wagyu Beef Burgers

I adore cooking Wagyu burger patties on a cast-iron pan on the stove. Not only is it convenient for me, but it also produces incredible results. However, if you prefer grilling, you can absolutely cook these burgers on the grill. The cooking process will remain the same, taking approximately six minutes on each side over medium heat, regardless of the cooking method you choose.

Simplicity is Key: What to Include in a Wagyu Burger

To truly savor the amazing beefy flavor, I believe in keeping the toppings simple. While there’s nothing stopping you from piling on caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon, or blue cheese, I personally reserve those special toppings for regular ground beef burgers.

For my Wagyu burgers, I like to keep it classic with melted Cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato, and perhaps a couple of slices of dill pickle. All of this goodness is sandwiched between a brioche bun and accompanied by a single condiment, usually mustard. Though lately, I’ve been loving a homemade burger sauce!

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