Vetdiet Cat Food: An In-Depth Review

Vetdiet Cat Food Review

We’ve conducted a comprehensive evaluation of Vetdiet cat food, taking into account ingredient quality, suitability for feline species, recall history, and more. Join us as we provide an unbiased review of this brand.

The Standard: Assessing Vetdiet Cat Food from Multiple Angles

To ensure an accurate assessment, we’ve used six essential criteria to evaluate Vetdiet cat food. Let’s explore how this brand performs in each of these important areas.

Overall, we give Vetdiet cat food a rating of 43 out of 60, equivalent to a solid B grade.

Our Review Process: Unveiling the Secrets Behind Vetdiet Cat Food

In our quest to review Vetdiet, we delved deep into the brand’s history and product lineup. We meticulously examined the company’s sourcing and manufacturing practices and thoroughly analyzed recall databases to ensure safety. Additionally, to gauge customer satisfaction, we carefully studied numerous customer reviews, identifying common patterns and trends.

Moreover, our reviewer independently purchased and tested several packages of Vetdiet cat food with her own cats. Observations were recorded on factors such as palatability, texture, smell, and more.

Based on this extensive research and hands-on testing, we objectively rated Vetdiet cat food according to the Standard. To learn more about our standard, please visit our website.

A Close Look at Vetdiet

Established in 1993 by the Legault Group, Vetdiet is a family-owned business with over a century of operational experience. The brand was founded by brothers Jules and Philippe Legault, third-generation entrepreneurs. Vetdiet products are meticulously formulated with input from a Health & Nutrition Advisory Board, consisting of veterinarians, board-certified veterinary nutritionists, and formulators.

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Now, let’s delve into how Vetdiet products live up to their claims and what customers have to say about them.

Sourcing and Manufacturing: An Insider’s Perspective

Vetdiet’s headquarters are located in Anjou, Quebec, Canada. All products are manufactured either in Canada or the United States. While the brand doesn’t provide intricate details about ingredient sourcing, all recipes prioritize chicken, lamb, or fish as the main ingredient. Vetdiet foods are carefully crafted without corn, wheat, or soy. The brand offers various lines of food, each catering to specific age groups or breeds of pets.

Recall History: Safety First

To the best of our knowledge, Vetdiet has never experienced a product recall, demonstrating its commitment to maintaining a high standard of safety and quality.

Vetdiet’s Wide Range of Cat Food

Vetdiet offers a diverse selection of food and treats for dogs, as well as a limited range of products for cats. The brand provides four varieties of canned foods, eight formulas of dry food, and two freeze-dried treats. Both wet and dry Vetdiet foods are categorized based on life stages, with specific diets tailored for weight control, dental health, and indoor cats.

To help you choose the most suitable product for your beloved feline, Vetdiet offers a personalized recommendation tool. This user-friendly tool takes into account factors such as your cat’s age and body composition (i.e., underweight, healthy, or overweight) to make appropriate suggestions.

Customer Opinions: What People Think of Vetdiet Cat Food

While Vetdiet is available for purchase in the United States, its popularity hasn’t yet extended beyond its Canadian home. Online reviews are somewhat limited, making it challenging to gauge the average customer experience. Vetdiet cat food is primarily distributed by Petco in the United States, where we found the most customer ratings. However, even the highest-rated products had only a few or no customer reviews. At the time of this review, only one Vetdiet canned food had received ratings on

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Now, let’s take a closer look at a few reviews for some of the most popular Vetdiet Cat Food recipes.

Positive Reviews

“I switched to Vetdiet Salmon for my cat who was experiencing excessive hair loss. He used to eat Blue Wilderness, but since the switch, his hair loss has reduced by around 80%. What a relief!” – Review by Hairless Sunny, Vetdiet Skin & Stomach Health Dry Adult Cat Food, March 7th, 2023.

“This canned cat food contains chicken, which is uncommon among brands that usually use fish. Although it does contain pork liver, it doesn’t concern me.” – Review by Staplesvet, Vetdiet Chicken Pate Adult Canned Cat Food, March 17th, 2023.

Negative Reviews

“I have two cats. One sniffed this food and walked away. The other kitty has a sensitive stomach, and this dry food made her very sick. She cried and vomited twice. She is 16 years old and doesn’t have all her teeth, so some of the food came up whole. The kibble is small, so it wasn’t chewed properly. It caused her severe stomach pain, leading her to immediately rush to the litter box.” – Review by Soozinpa, Vetdiet Chicken and Rice Dry Senior Cat Food, April 7th, 2023.

Our Test Cats’ Verdict

To accurately assess Vetdiet cat food, we ordered two dry food formulas and one canned food. Additionally, we reached out to the company via their Contact Us page to request a typical nutrient analysis for a recent batch of food, but unfortunately, we received no response.

Both Vetdiet dry foods come in resealable packages with flat bottoms, allowing them to stand upright. The kitten formula features small, round kibbles, which are perfect for small mouths. On the other hand, the adult formula kibble seems more suitable for dogs due to its size. However, it is a dental health formula, so the larger kibble size encourages chewing, potentially helping to remove tartar from your cat’s teeth.

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Our cats seemed to thoroughly enjoy the aroma and flavor of both Vetdiet dry foods, as well as the wet food recipe. The canned food is a soft, loaf-style pâté, making it easy to mix with water.

Top 3 Vetdiet Cat Food Recipes Reviewed

Here are our top three Vetdiet cat food recipes:

  1. Vetdiet Skin & Stomach Health Dry Adult Cat Food
  2. Vetdiet Chicken Pate Adult Canned Cat Food
  3. Vetdiet Chicken and Rice Dry Senior Cat Food

Price Analysis: How Much Does Vetdiet Cat Food Cost?

When considering the cost per ounce, Vetdiet dry foods and wet foods are comparable. However, when factoring in calorie content, a wet food-only diet becomes substantially more expensive per day.

Vetdiet dry cat foods have an approximate cost of $0.36 per ounce and contain an average of 105 calories per ounce. To sustain a 10-pound cat, the daily cost would amount to roughly $0.70. This positions Vetdiet within a similar price range as Dr. Elsey’s and Young Again, although both these brands tend to be more calorically dense and lower in carbohydrates.

Priced at approximately $0.34 per ounce, Vetdiet canned food would cost around $2.35 per day to feed a 10-pound cat. This aligns it with brands like Nulo and some recipes from Dave’s Pet Food.

Overall Verdict: Is Vetdiet Cat Food a Good Choice?

Vetdiet presents itself as a holistic pet food brand, offering recipes designed to meet various age-specific needs. However, upon closer examination, there isn’t anything particularly exceptional about their products. While there is slight variation in kibble size and shape, most dry foods contain moderate levels of protein and fat, accompanied by a slightly higher carbohydrate composition than we prefer to see.

Regarding wet food options, Vetdiet becomes more appealing, especially due to its affordability compared to brands like Tiki Cat. Nevertheless, Vetdiet’s canned foods still contain a considerable amount of carbohydrates and plant protein concentrates, resembling Blue Buffalo in many aspects.

When searching for meat-centric recipes with low carbohydrate content, there are better alternatives to Vetdiet available without necessarily incurring significantly higher costs.

Where to Buy Vetdiet Cat Food?

In the United States, Vetdiet cat food is available at select major pet stores like Petco, as well as some independent pet retailers. You can also conveniently purchase it online from PetFlow and

In Canada, Vetdiet was initially limited to Quebec but has expanded its presence to include Ontario, with online delivery available throughout the country.

For more information on Vetdiet Cat Food, visit Hook’d Up Bar and Grill.