Valu-Pak Dog Food: A Trusted Brand for Your Canine Companion

Valu-Pak: The Legacy of Specialty Feeds Inc.

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Valu-Pak: A Renowned Dog Food Brand

Valu-Pak is a well-known and trusted dog food brand owned by Specialty Feeds Inc. Established over 60 years ago by Vick, Gene, and Bubba Coscia, who came from a dairy farm in North Mississippi, Specialty Feeds Inc has grown significantly. Today, they have a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Memphis, Tennessee, and supply their products to 20 states across the United States. Although not a household name, Valu-Pak and Specialty Feeds Inc have gained immense popularity among specific communities such as hunters, breeders, and kennels.

Specialty Feeds Brands

Exploring Valu-Pak’s Reach

Valu-Pak dog food can be found in numerous retail stores across the southern and eastern regions of the United States, including Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Missouri, among others. While it may be challenging to purchase Valu-Pak online as major pet food websites like Chewy and Petflow do not currently stock it, Valu-Pak’s availability in physical stores ensures easy access for customers.

Valu-Pak’s Product Range

Valu-Pak offers a modest selection of dry dog food recipes, divided into two ranges: the Free range and the standard range. The Free range consists of four recipes that emphasize the absence of corn, wheat, soy, or gluten. On the other hand, the standard range does not make such claims and typically includes multiple grain ingredients in its recipes.

Valu-Pak Free Range

Both the Free range and standard range recipes are named based on their protein and fat content. For example, the “24-20” formula signifies a recipe with 24% protein and 20% fat, while “18-8” denotes a recipe containing 18% protein and 8% fat. Unfortunately, Valu-Pak does not currently produce wet/canned dog food recipes, specialty dog food such as puppy formulas or grain-free options, nor any cat food products.

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Unveiling Valu-Pak’s Nutritional Profile

The nutritional composition of Valu-Pak’s dry dog food recipes varies across its product range. These recipes contain a wide range of protein and fat proportions, which are evident through their unique names. While protein and fat constitute a substantial portion of the recipes’ calorie content (over 60%), carbohydrates make up approximately 37%. Although this carbohydrate proportion falls slightly below average when compared to similar brands, Valu-Pak ensures a diverse range of nutrition to cater to different dogs based on their activity levels.

Valu-Pak’s Ingredient Selection

Emphasizing High-Quality Meat & Fish Components

  • Pork Meal: Valu-Pak incorporates a minimal selection of meat ingredients, setting it apart from other brands. Pork meal, sourced from pork, serves as a concentrated form of protein and fat after most of its moisture is removed. Despite its affordability, pork is not commonly found in many dog food recipes.


  • Chicken By-Product Meal: Valu-Pak heavily utilizes chicken by-product meal in most of its recipes. While some may consider this ingredient inferior to whole chicken or chicken meal, Valu-Pak prioritizes its nutritional value for their recipes.

  • Meat & Bone Meal: One of Valu-Pak’s recipes includes a small portion of meat & bone meal. Although it offers some nutrition, it is considered inferior to whole meat ingredients. Dog owners are advised to avoid recipes containing meat & bone meal whenever possible.

Other Noteworthy Ingredients

Valu-Pak’s recipes feature a variety of grain ingredients, including brown rice, sorghum, corn, wheat, and soybean. The choice of grain ingredients varies between the Free and standard ranges. Higher-quality options like brown rice and sorghum are commonly found in the Free range, while lower-cost alternatives like corn and wheat dominate the standard range. The inclusion of grain ingredients remains a subject of controversy among dog owners. Some believe that grains provide reliable sources of carbohydrates, fiber, plant-based protein, and select vitamins and minerals. However, others prefer grain-free alternatives due to personal preferences or specific dietary requirements for their dogs.

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In addition to grains, Valu-Pak utilizes rice bran in some of its recipes. However, rice bran is often considered a lower-quality ingredient compared to whole rice varieties such as white rice and brown rice.

Valu-Pak’s free recipes occasionally incorporate peas, which have gained popularity among grain-free dog food producers. While peas offer beneficial nutrition, including carbohydrates, fiber, and plant-based protein, concerns have been raised regarding their potential link to an increased rate of canine heart disease.

Peas In A Pod

Among Valu-Pak’s ingredients, chicken fat is prominently featured as a flavorful addition to enhance palatability. This common choice in dog food recipes serves to increase animal-based fat levels and improve overall taste.

Chicken Hen

Dried beet pulp, found in select Valu-Pak formulas, serves as a source of soluble fiber, aiding in regular digestion and maintaining healthy stools. While it provides little to no significant nutrition, dried beet pulp holds value due to its fiber content.

Sugar Beet

Valu-Pak recipes also contain flaxseed, which provides high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids contribute to improved skin and fur condition in dogs.


Valu-Pak: No Information on Animal Testing

Currently, there is no available information regarding Valu-Pak’s animal testing or feeding trials. Some smaller or lesser-known dog food brands choose not to disclose detailed information about their testing practices to avoid potential customer backlash. While this lack of transparency may raise concerns, it is hoped that all dog food brands will continue to advance their safety and quality processes, potentially eliminating or minimizing the need for animal testing in the future.

Valu-Pak: Free from Recalls

Based on our research from credible sources such as the FDA, AVMA, and DogFoodAdvisor, there is no evidence of Valu-Pak dog food undergoing any recalls. This remarkable track record is particularly noteworthy considering Specialty Feeds Inc’s extensive history spanning over fifty years. Though potential recalls in the distant past cannot be entirely ruled out, Valu-Pak’s commitment to safety and quality in the last two decades is quite reassuring. However, it is always prudent for dog owners to remain vigilant and stay informed about any future recalls from Valu-Pak or any other dog food brand.

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The Best of Valu-Pak: Two Top Recommendations

Valu-Pak Free 26-18 Recipe Review

Valu-Pak Free 26-18

Among Valu-Pak’s dry dog food recipes, the Free 26-18 recipe stands out as a top choice for most dogs. This recipe offers impressive nutrition, with 26% protein and 18% fat, surpassing the average content found in dry dog food recipes within this price range. The combination of chicken by-product meal, pork meal, and chicken fat provides high-quality animal-based protein and fat. Additionally, Valu-Pak incorporates a mix of grain ingredients like brown rice, sorghum, and peas, ensuring a diverse range of nutrients, including carbohydrates, fiber, and plant-based protein.

Valu-Pak Free 22-12 Recipe Review

Valu-Pak Free 22-12 Recipe

For dog owners with less active dogs, such as specific breeds or senior dogs, the Free 22-12 recipe might be suitable. With lower proportions of protein and fat (22% and 12%, respectively), this recipe caters to dogs with lower protein needs, helping prevent potential weight gain. The inclusion of chicken by-product meal, pork meal, and chicken fat ensures high-quality animal-based nutrition. Although the recipe contains a larger portion of grain ingredients, such as sorghum, brown rice, and peas, it still provides necessary nutrition for less active dogs.

Explore More about Valu-Pak

If you want to learn more about Valu-Pak, visit our website Hook’d Up Bar and Grill. At present, Valu-Pak has not been featured in any of our articles. For further information and insights into canine nutrition, we recommend checking out our comprehensive Dog Food Guide.

Valu-Pak’s Full Product Range

Dry Dog Food

  • Free 28-20
  • Free 26-18
  • Free 24-20
  • Free 22-12
  • 30-20
  • 26-18
  • 24-20
  • 21-12
  • 21-8
  • 18-8