Unveiling the Culinary Comedy: What’s in Your Grocery Bag?

Are you ready for a hilarious food adventure? Epicurious brings you the latest internet sensation, “What’s in Your Grocery Bag?” In this uproarious food comedy, we follow Mike Helton as he takes to the streets of Brooklyn, engaging passersby in a game that reveals the curious contents of their shopping bags. Get ready to laugh until your stomach hurts!

Unveiling the Culinary Comedy: What's in Your Grocery Bag?
Unveiling the Culinary Comedy: What's in Your Grocery Bag?

Unveiling the Unexpected

In this entertaining game, Mike approaches unsuspecting participants, eager to dive into their grocery bags and discover the hidden gems within. With a mischievous grin and infectious enthusiasm, he pulls out items one by one, leading to a series of unexpected surprises. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of laughter and anticipation!


From Milk Bottles to Time Travel

As Mike unveils the first item, a little milk bottle reminiscent of the 50s, he playfully speculates that the participant might be a time traveler, adding a touch of excitement to the game. The playful banter and comic timing keep the energy high as the audience eagerly awaits the next reveal.

Condoms in the Grocery Bag?

In another hilarious twist, Mike uncovers a surprising item: big old condoms. The participant’s reaction is priceless, and laughter fills the air. This unexpected addition adds a whole new level of humor to the game.


Join the Fun and Stay Tuned

Are you ready to join in on the laughter? Follow Mike Helton’s adventures on the streets of Brooklyn with “What’s in Your Grocery Bag?” Tune in to Epicurious to watch this side-splitting food comedy and discover what other surprises await.

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Q: Where can I watch “What’s in Your Grocery Bag?”?
A: You can catch all the episodes of “What’s in Your Grocery Bag?” on Epicurious. Stay tuned for a laugh-out-loud food-filled experience!

Q: Is there a new episode every week?
A: Yes! Epicurious releases new episodes of “What’s in Your Grocery Bag?” regularly. Be sure to subscribe and never miss a hilarious moment.


Prepare yourself for a comical feast as Mike Helton plays “What’s in Your Grocery Bag?” on the streets of Brooklyn. With surprises at every turn and belly laughs guaranteed, this food comedy is a must-watch for comedy enthusiasts and foodies alike. Stay tuned to Epicurious for all the mirth and merriment, and remember to visit Hook’d Up Bar and Grill for more cooking inspiration and entertainment.

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