True Blood Pasta with Beef Neck Sauce Recipe

Welcome to the Hook’d Up Bar and Grill! Today, we have a unique and delicious recipe for you – True Blood Pasta with Beef Neck Sauce. This pasta dish is made with a rich, flavorful sauce using beef neck bones. It’s a perfect blend of taste and creativity that will leave you wanting more.

True Blood Pasta with Beef Neck Sauce Recipe
True Blood Pasta with Beef Neck Sauce Recipe

The Secret Ingredient: Beef Neck Bones

At Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, we believe in sustainable cooking and utilizing every part of the animal. Beef neck bones are often overlooked but can create a mouthwatering tomato sauce. To start, roast the neck bones in a 400-degree oven for 45 minutes until they are beautifully caramelized. Transfer them to a saucepan, along with a jar of tomato sauce or three and a half cups of prepared tomato sauce. Add a cup of water and bring it to a simmer. Reduce the heat to low and let it simmer for about six hours, or until the meat falls off the bones effortlessly.

Beef Neck Bones

Enhancing the Flavor

To enhance the flavor of the sauce, we recommend adding some delicious and unique ingredients. Instead of salt, try using salty cured lemons, which add a subtle tanginess. Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper, and for a little kick, sprinkle in some red chili flakes. Finally, add a fresh herb of your choice, such as parsley or oregano, to bring an aromatic touch to the sauce.

Salty Cured Lemons

Preparing the Pasta

While the sauce simmers, cook your choice of pasta, whether it’s penne, spaghetti, or ravioli. Boil the pasta in salted water until it reaches the desired tenderness. Once cooked, mix the pasta with some of the sauce, ensuring that each bite is coated with the flavorful goodness. Feel free to sprinkle some cheese on top for an added indulgence.

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Pasta with Beef Neck Sauce

Serving Suggestions

True Blood Pasta with Beef Neck Sauce is not only a delicious dish but also a perfect choice for themed parties. Host a True Blood party or a vampire movie viewing night and serve this dish as a tribute to the undead. It’s a fun and creative way to delight your guests and immerse them in the atmosphere.


Q: Where can I find beef neck bones?

A: You can find beef neck bones at your local butcher shop. Talk to your butcher, and they will be more than happy to help you.

Q: Can I use a different type of meat for this sauce?

A: While beef neck bones are ideal for this recipe, you can experiment with other cuts of meat, such as oxtail or short ribs, to achieve a similar rich flavor.

Q: How long should I simmer the sauce?

A: Simmer the sauce for approximately six hours, or until the meat easily falls off the bones. You can add water as needed during this time.


At Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, we love exploring unique and delicious recipes. True Blood Pasta with Beef Neck Sauce is a fantastic way to utilize every part of the animal while creating a flavorful and satisfying dish. Try this recipe for your next gathering or simply indulge in it at home. Visit Hook’d Up Bar and Grill for more mouthwatering recipes and culinary inspiration.

*Enjoy this flavorful pasta dish and happy cooking!

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