Troubleshooting Tips for Instant Pot BURN Error

Have you ever encountered the dreaded “BURN” error message on your Instant Pot? Don’t panic! This article will guide you through the steps to resolve this issue and get back to cooking delicious meals in no time. So, let’s dive in and unravel the mystery behind the Instant Pot BURN error!

Troubleshooting Tips for Instant Pot BURN Error
Troubleshooting Tips for Instant Pot BURN Error

Check for Potential Causes

When your Instant Pot displays the BURN error message, there are a few common culprits to investigate. Let’s go over them one by one.

1. Inspect the Pot and Base

The first thing you should do is ensure that there is nothing wedged between the pot and the base. Even a small obstruction can disrupt the heat distribution and trigger the BURN error.

2. Verify the Silicone Ring

Take a look at the silicone ring inside the lid of your Instant Pot. Make sure it is properly seated and hasn’t slipped out of place. A loose or misaligned silicone ring can interfere with the pressure build-up, leading to the BURN error.

3. Check the Floating Valve

The floating valve is a crucial component that helps regulate the pressure inside the Instant Pot. Ensure that it is clean and moves freely. Any blockage or sticking can result in an uneven pressure release, triggering the BURN error.

4. Inspect the Steam Release Switch

Confirm that the steam release switch is in the closed position when pressure cooking. For all other cooking methods, it should be open. An incorrectly positioned steam release switch can cause improper pressure build-up and prompt the BURN error.

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5. Assess Your Recipe

If all the above checks out, the issue might lie with your recipe. Two common factors that can trigger the BURN error are scorching and inadequate liquid. Scorching occurs when food sticks to the bottom of the pot and becomes burnt, while insufficient liquid prevents the pot from reaching the desired pressure.

Troubleshooting Steps

If you’ve eliminated any potential causes mentioned above and are still facing the BURN error, follow these steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Gently scrape off any scorched bits from the bottom of the Instant Pot. Be careful not to damage the pot’s non-stick surface.
  2. Add a quarter cup of water or another suitable liquid to the pot. This additional liquid will help bring down the temperature and create sufficient steam for pressure cooking.
  3. Close the lid securely and ensure that all components are correctly positioned.
  4. Restart the cooking process and give it another try.

Remember, ensuring proper liquid levels, preventing food from sticking, and following recommended cooking times will minimize the chances of encountering the BURN error in the future.


Q: Can the BURN error be fixed by simply pressing a button?
A: Unfortunately, no. The BURN error requires some troubleshooting steps to resolve the underlying issue causing the error message.

Q: Does the BURN error indicate a problem with the Instant Pot itself?
A: Not necessarily. The BURN error typically occurs due to issues related to pot components, recipe factors, or user error.

Q: Can I still eat the food if I encounter the BURN error?
A: It depends on the severity of scorching or burning. If the food is lightly scorched and the burnt bits are removed, it should still be safe to consume. However, if the scorching is significant, it’s best to discard the food and start fresh.

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The Instant Pot BURN error can be frustrating, but with a little troubleshooting, you can quickly overcome it. By inspecting the pot, ensuring proper positioning of components, and adjusting your recipe’s liquid levels, you’ll be back to enjoying perfectly cooked meals with your Instant Pot. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if you encounter the BURN error a few times at the beginning. Happy cooking!

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