Trader Joe’s Frozen Salmon: The Best Choice for Healthy Meals


Trader Joe’s offers a wide variety of high-quality salmon options at affordable prices. In this article, we will explore the quality of Trader Joe’s salmon, the best types to buy, availability, and where the salmon comes from. We’ll also discuss whether Trader Joe’s salmon is worth it. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect salmon for your next meal!

Is Trader Joe’s Salmon Good Quality?

When it comes to salmon, the healthiest and most delicious choice is wild-caught Pacific/Alaskan salmon. Fortunately, Trader Joe’s has an excellent selection of frozen fillets, smoked salmon, and canned options. You can rely on Trader Joe’s for top-notch quality salmon that will satisfy your taste buds.

What is the Best Salmon to Buy at Trader Joe’s?

If you’re looking for the closest thing to fresh salmon, go for the frozen wild-caught fillets. They retain the freshness and taste of wild-caught salmon. Another great choice is the smoked salmon with peppercorn, mustard seed, and lemon. The flavors are absolutely delightful. Lastly, consider the canned wild salmon, which offers versatility in various recipes, from salads to salmon cakes.

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Does Trader Joe’s have Salmon Fillets?

Absolutely! Trader Joe’s offers both refrigerated and frozen salmon fillets. You can conveniently find them in either section of the store.

Does Trader Joe’s have Alaskan salmon?

Yes, Trader Joe’s has a range of Alaskan salmon options. When searching for Alaskan salmon, look for labels such as “Alaskan Salmon,” “Wild Salmon,” or “Wild Sockeye.” Avoid products labeled as farmed, “Atlantic,” “Scottish,” or “Chilean” to ensure you’re getting the high-quality Alaskan salmon you desire.

Where Does Trader Joe’s Salmon Come From?

Trader Joe’s sources its salmon from various locations. While they have a good selection of Alaskan salmon, it’s essential to check the labels to determine the origin of the specific product you’re interested in. Keep an eye out for the detailed information on each package.

Is Trader Joe’s salmon worth it?

Trader Joe’s is renowned for its creative offerings and affordability, making it a fantastic choice for purchasing wild-caught American salmon at a competitive price point. In terms of bulk wild-caught seafood, Trader Joe’s is a strong contender alongside Costco. To learn more about wild-caught seafood at Costco, check out our guide on 9 US Wild-Caught Seafood Items available at Costco.


Trader Joe’s is your go-to destination for high-quality salmon that satisfies both taste and health requirements. Whether you choose the frozen fillets, smoked salmon, or canned options, you can be confident in the freshness and nutritional value of Trader Joe’s salmon. To make your shopping trip easier, refer to the photo guide below for a visual reference of the various salmon products available. Enjoy a delightful seafood experience with Trader Joe’s!

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Photo Guide: Trader Joe’s Salmon Selection

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets

Trader Joe's Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon fillets

Wild Nova Smoked Sockeye Salmon 16 oz.

Wild Nova Smoked Sockeye Salmon large serving from Trader Joe's

Wild Nova Smoked Sockeye Salmon 8 oz.

Wild Nova Smoked Sockeye Salmon medium serving from Trader Joe's

Wild Sockeye Applewood Smoked Salmon

Trader Joe's smoked sockeye salmon

Alaskan Wild Sockeye Salmon Filet, skin on and deboned

Alaskan Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillet Skin On

Wild Silver Coho Salmon Frozen Fillet

Wild Silver Coho Salmon Fillet

Cedar Wrapped BBQ Sockeye Salmon

BBQ Sockeye Salmon Fillet

Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon

Trader Joe's wild Alaskan pink salmon canned

For more information on wild-caught seafood, check out our guide on 9 U.S. Wild-Caught Seafood at Trader Joe’s. Join the discussion in the comments and share your favorite salmon recipes! Happy seafood eating!