TLC Whole Life Dog Food: A Nutritious Choice for Your Furry Friend

Which Recipes Earn Our Highest Ratings?

When it comes to TLC Whole Life Dog Food, it receives our top score of 5 stars. Our experts are impressed with the two options of dry dog food this brand offers.

Analyzing the Ingredients and Labels

To conduct a thorough analysis, we have selected TLC Whole Life Dog Food as our representative product. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients and nutrient content.

An In-Depth Look at the Ingredients

The main ingredient in this dog food is lamb meal, a concentrated source of protein that surpasses the protein content found in fresh lamb. Following that, we have chicken meal, another component rich in protein.

Oatmeal, a whole-grain product, adds B-vitamins and dietary fiber to the recipe. It’s worth noting that oatmeal can be gluten-free depending on its purity level.

Raw chicken, despite its high quality, loses most of its moisture during the cooking process, significantly reducing its meat content. Barley and brown rice, both starchy carbohydrates, provide energy but offer limited nutritional value to your furry companion.

Millet, a gluten-free grain, contains essential minerals, B-vitamins, and fiber. Chicken fat, obtained from the rendering process, is a quality ingredient that is high in linoleic acid, an essential omega-6 fatty acid.

Salmon meal, sourced from undecomposed whole fish, salmon oil, and flaxseed, contribute valuable omega-3 fatty acids to support your dog’s overall health. Quinoa, a protein-rich plant, brings gluten-free benefits and other essential nutrients to the recipe.

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Mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS), a prebiotic, supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in your pet’s intestinal tract. The inclusion of sodium selenite, although controversial, provides a source of selenium.

Lastly, the presence of chelated minerals ensures easier absorption and is typically found in higher-quality dog foods.

A Comprehensive Nutrient Analysis

When considering the ingredients alone, TLC Whole Life Dog Food stands out as an above-average dry product. With a protein content of 29% and a fat level of 18%, this brand offers a favorable profile.

Comparatively, TLC Whole Life Dog Food features above-average protein and fat levels, as well as below-average carbohydrate content when compared to typical dry dog foods. Even considering protein-boosting ingredients like peas, quinoa, and flaxseed, this kibble provides a substantial amount of meat.

Our Verdict: Highly Recommended

With its grain-inclusive formula and a significant presence of named meat meals as the primary source of animal protein, TLC Whole Life Dog Food earns a well-deserved 5-star rating. We enthusiastically recommend it for your furry friend.

Recall History

As of 2009, TLC Pet Food has had no recalls for their dog food, ensuring a consistent track record of safety and quality.

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Last updated on March 14, 2022.

TLC Whole Life Dog Food