Three Comforting Egg Recipes: Turkish Cilbir, Chinese Xihongshi Chao Jidan, and Jewish Matzo Brei

Eggs are a versatile ingredient that is beloved in many cuisines around the world. Today, we will explore three comforting egg recipes from Turkey, China, and Jewish cuisine. These recipes are perfect for breakfast, brunch, or any time you want a delicious and satisfying meal.

Three Comforting Egg Recipes: Turkish Cilbir, Chinese Xihongshi Chao Jidan, and Jewish Matzo Brei
Three Comforting Egg Recipes: Turkish Cilbir, Chinese Xihongshi Chao Jidan, and Jewish Matzo Brei

Turkish Cilbir – A Creamy and Spiced Delight

In Turkey, cilbir is a popular dish that features poached eggs served on a bed of strained yogurt, topped with a spiced butter sauce. The combination of tangy yogurt, perfectly poached eggs, and flavorful spice butter makes this dish a true delight for the taste buds.

To make cilbir, start by preparing the yogurt. Use strained whole milk yogurt or Turkish yogurt for the best results. Add grated garlic and a pinch of salt to the yogurt for added flavor. Spread the yogurt on a plate and create a cozy bed for the poached eggs.

Next, poach the eggs using a special method to ensure they are perfectly cooked. Crack the eggs into a colander to remove any excess egg white. Then, transfer the eggs to a pot of salted water and vinegar. Let the eggs cook for about three minutes until the yolks are runny and the whites are set.

Once the eggs are cooked, carefully transfer them onto the bed of yogurt.

In a separate pan, melt unsalted butter and add pul biber, a type of chili pepper flakes commonly used in Turkish cuisine. Drizzle the spiced butter over the eggs and yogurt, and garnish with dried mint. Serve cilbir with warm bazlama bread or pita bread for a complete and satisfying meal.

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Chinese Xihongshi Chao Jidan – A Classic Tomato and Egg Stir-Fry

Xihongshi chao jidan is a beloved dish in China that combines the flavors of tomatoes and scrambled eggs. This simple yet delicious stir-fry is a comfort food that is cherished by many.

To make xihongshi chao jidan, start by chopping canned whole tomatoes into small pieces. Sauté chopped scallions, garlic, and ginger in vegetable oil until they become aromatic. Then, add the tomatoes, sugar, and salt, and let it simmer until the tomato juices reduce and thicken.

In a separate bowl, whisk together eggs, shaoxing wine, sesame oil, salt, and pepper. Pour the egg mixture into the pan with the tomato mixture and scramble until the eggs are just set. Add chopped scallion greens for added freshness and color.

Serve xihongshi chao jidan as a main dish or as a side dish with rice for a complete meal.

Jewish Matzo Brei – A Crispy and Comforting Treat

Matzo brei is a traditional Jewish dish that consists of scrambled eggs and broken pieces of matzo. This dish is a great way to utilize matzo, especially during Passover when eating leavened bread is prohibited.

To make matzo brei, heat chicken schmaltz or chicken fat in a skillet and sauté chopped onions until they soften and caramelize. In a bowl, whisk together eggs, salt, and pepper. Break unsalted matzo sheets into small pieces and soak them in the egg mixture for a few minutes until they soften.

Add the soaked matzo to the skillet with the onions and cook until the eggs are set and the matzo is slightly crispy. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

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Serve matzo brei with your choice of toppings, such as sour cream, chives, smoked salmon, or mushrooms, to customize the dish to your liking.


Q: Can I make these dishes ahead of time?
A: While these dishes are best enjoyed fresh, you can prepare some components in advance, such as chopping the tomatoes for xihongshi chao jidan or soaking the matzo for matzo brei. Just be sure to reheat or cook the eggs right before serving for the best taste and texture.

Q: Can I use different types of yogurt for cilbir?
A: Turkish yogurt or strained whole milk yogurt is the best choice for cilbir. If you can’t find Turkish yogurt, opt for a thick and creamy yogurt. Regular yogurt may become too runny when combined with hot poached eggs.

Q: Are these dishes suitable for vegetarians?
A: Yes, all three egg recipes are vegetarian-friendly. However, for strict vegetarians, make sure to use vegetarian-friendly ingredients such as vegetable oil instead of chicken fat in matzo brei.


Eggs are a versatile and comforting ingredient that can be transformed into a variety of delicious dishes from different cultures. Whether you’re craving a creamy and spiced delight like Turkish cilbir, a classic tomato and egg stir-fry like Chinese xihongshi chao jidan, or a crispy and comforting treat like Jewish matzo brei, these recipes will surely satisfy your taste buds and bring a sense of warmth to your meal. So, go ahead and try these comforting egg recipes to elevate your cooking experience. Enjoy!

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