The Ultimate Quesadilla Showdown: Pro Chef vs Home Cook

Welcome to a thrilling culinary battle where a professional chef and a home cook face off to create the most delectable quesadilla. In one corner, we have Chef Saul armed with his $317 worth of specialized ingredients. In the other, we have Jon, the home cook, armed with his $13 budget-friendly ingredients. Let the battle commence!

The Ultimate Quesadilla Showdown: Pro Chef vs Home Cook
The Ultimate Quesadilla Showdown: Pro Chef vs Home Cook

Unveiling the Ingredients

Chef Saul’s plan was ambitious, featuring traditional Mexican ingredients like huitlacoche, epazote, and purslane, all paired with salsa borracha and crunchy chapulines (grasshoppers). These unique ingredients promised a gourmet experience.

On the other hand, Jon’s ingredients were more familiar, sourced from his local grocery store. While they may seem simple, Jon’s culinary skills would elevate the flavors.

The Challenges Begin

As the battle unfolded, Chef Saul’s elaborate techniques came to light. From making his own tortillas infused with chile guajillos to creating his own crema and infusing it with spicy salsa borracha, his attention to detail and expertise shone through.

Meanwhile, Jon relied on his resourcefulness. He repurposed pre-made flour tortillas, baking them to a crispy texture and transforming them into a flavorful flour. He also experimented with pickled onions, creating a tangy twist.

The Filling Showdown

Both chefs took a different approach to the filling. Chef Saul explored the world of mushrooms, combining oyster mushrooms and the unique huitlacoche to create a Mexican ratatouille. The addition of epazote and purslane added delightful complexity to the filling.

Jon, on the other hand, focused on his specialty – smashed chicken quesadillas. He ground the chicken himself and mixed it with tomatoes, jalapenos, and a Mexican cheese blend, creating a juicy and flavorful filling.

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The Epic Finale

Finally, it was time to bring it all together. Both chefs assembled their quesadillas with precision and care. Chef Saul’s presentation was impeccable, garnishing his creation with chicharron and a colorful array of ingredients. Jon’s quesadillas were a true reflection of home cooking, with a rustic charm and a generous serving of crema and salsa.

The Verdict

As the two chefs tasted each other’s creations, a wave of satisfaction washed over them. Chef Saul marveled at the incredible flavors of Jon’s quesadilla, impressed by how well he had worked with limited ingredients. Jon, in turn, was blown away by the gourmet experience of Chef Saul’s quesadilla.


Q: Can I replicate these recipes at home?
A: Absolutely! Both quesadilla recipes can be recreated in your own kitchen. While Chef Saul’s recipe requires some specialized ingredients, Jon’s version utilizes more accessible items found in your local grocery store.

Q: Where can I find authentic Mexican ingredients?
A: For a wide range of authentic Mexican ingredients, visit Hook’d Up Bar and Grill. They offer an extensive selection of fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Q: Can I substitute certain ingredients in these recipes?
A: Yes, feel free to substitute ingredients based on your preferences and availability. Cooking is a creative process, and experimentation is encouraged.


The quesadilla battle between Chef Saul and Jon showcased the versatility and ingenuity of cooking. Regardless of the budget or culinary background, both chefs created incredible dishes that satisfied their taste buds and showcased their skills.

So, why not embark on your own quesadilla adventure? Whether you choose Chef Saul’s exquisite flavors or Jon’s comforting home-cooked style, you’re sure to impress your taste buds and elevate your cooking game. Get creative, have fun, and savor the deliciousness of a well-crafted quesadilla!

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