The Ultimate Guide to Smoky Pulled Pork with Chipotle Mayonnaise

Are you ready to take your cooking skills to the next level? Look no further than this mouth-watering recipe for smoky pulled pork with chipotle mayonnaise from the renowned “Hook’d Up Bar and Grill” brand. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of creating this incredible dish that is perfect for parties, family dinners, or any occasion where you want to impress.

The Ultimate Guide to Smoky Pulled Pork with Chipotle Mayonnaise
The Ultimate Guide to Smoky Pulled Pork with Chipotle Mayonnaise

Ingredients and Preparation

The Pork Shoulder

To start, you’ll need a bone-in pork shoulder (also known as a pork butt). This cut of meat is incredibly flavorful and becomes tender when slow-cooked. Make sure to leave the skin on the onion halves as they cook, as it will help keep the pork moist and evenly cooked. Crushed garlic adds a deliciously fragrant flavor to the dish.

The Rub

Create a flavorful rub by combining three tablespoons of smoked paprika, two tablespoons of brown sugar, salt, pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. Mix in some thyme stalks to enhance the aroma. Rub this mixture all over the pork, ensuring every inch is coated.

Pork Shoulder

Slow Cooking the Pork

Place the pork in a roasting pan and cook it in the oven at 140°C (285°F) for five and a half to six hours. The slow cooking process allows the flavors to develop and the meat to become tender and juicy. The result is an incredibly flavorful and melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork that will leave your guests asking for more.

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The Chipotle Mayonnaise

While the pork is cooking, it’s time to prepare the chipotle mayonnaise. Start with a good quality store-bought mayonnaise and elevate its flavor with a few simple ingredients. Add salt, pepper, a touch of honey for sweetness, and a spoonful of mustard for a spicy kick. For an extra smoky flavor, include a bit of Holy Smoke seasoning.

Mix all the ingredients together, and voila! You have a deliciously flavorful chipotle mayonnaise that pairs perfectly with the pulled pork.

Sides to Complement the Dish

No meal is complete without some mouth-watering sides. For a simple yet satisfying side dish, try the cheesy crushed potatoes. Cut the potatoes into even chunks and boil them in salted water until tender. Roughly crush the potatoes and add spring onions, finely chopped gherkins, and grated Greer cheese. Season to taste and serve hot or cold.

To add a refreshing element to the meal, prepare a fresh broccoli salad. Slice the broccoli florets and toss them with a dressing made with fresh yogurt, sugar, and cider vinegar. The combination of crunchy raw broccoli and tangy dressing creates a delightful contrast of flavors and textures.


Q: Can I marinate the pork shoulder in advance?
A: Absolutely! The marinating process can be done days in advance, allowing the flavors to infuse further and making the meat even more delicious.

Q: Can I make any substitutions in the chipotle mayonnaise?
A: Feel free to experiment with the ingredients to suit your taste. You can adjust the levels of sweetness and spiciness according to your preference.

Q: Can I make the sides ahead of time?
A: Yes, both the cheesy crushed potatoes and broccoli salad can be prepared a couple of hours in advance. The dishes will retain their freshness and crunchiness.

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Impress your guests with this ultimate party dinner from “Hook’d Up Bar and Grill.” The smoky pulled pork with chipotle mayonnaise, served alongside crushed cheesy potatoes and a refreshing broccoli slaw, is a combination that will have everyone coming back for seconds. So fire up your oven, gather your ingredients, and get ready to create a culinary masterpiece that will make you the star of any gathering. For more delicious recipes and cooking inspiration, visit the “Hook’d Up Bar and Grill” website.

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