The Art of Perfect Buffalo Wings: A Guide by Hook’d Up Bar and Grill

Do you crave the mouthwatering goodness of restaurant-quality buffalo wings? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll unlock the secrets of making the best buffalo wings you’ve ever tasted. Join me, Frank Proto, a professional chef and culinary instructor, as I share the techniques and tips that the pros use to achieve crispy, flavorful wings. Get ready for Buffalo Wings 101!

The Art of Perfect Buffalo Wings: A Guide by Hook'd Up Bar and Grill
The Art of Perfect Buffalo Wings: A Guide by Hook'd Up Bar and Grill

Preparation: The Key to Crispy Wings

Before we dive into the cooking process, let’s talk about preparation. To ensure your wings have that perfect crunch, it’s essential to dry them out a day in advance. Moisture is the enemy of crispiness, so take the time to let your wings air dry for at least 24 hours. Start by obtaining full wings—complete with the tip, flat, and drumette—and separate the flat and drumette. Discard the tip unless you plan to use it for stock. Dry the wings thoroughly with paper towels and place them on a rack in the refrigerator overnight. This step sets the stage for irresistibly crispy wings.

Wings Being Prepared
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Crafting the Perfect Buffalo Wing Sauce

Now, let’s dive into the heart and soul of buffalo wings—the sauce. While most traditional recipes call for Frank’s Hot Sauce, we’re adding our own twist. In a pan, melt a stick of butter over low heat. Then, add your preferred hot sauce (we recommend Crystal) and a crushed clove of garlic for a hint of savory flavor. To balance the heat, incorporate some ketchup, offering a touch of sweetness and texture. Don’t forget to add a pinch of salt to enhance the overall taste. The key is to melt the butter into the hot sauce, creating a harmonious blend without boiling or separating.

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Buffalo Wing Sauce
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The Frying Technique for Crispy Wings

Now that our wings are perfectly prepped and our sauce is ready to go, it’s time for frying. Frying wings ensures an all-around crispness that’s hard to achieve through baking or air frying. Heat your oil to 375°F (190°C), slightly higher than 350°F (175°C) to give your wings a head start in the frying process. When adding your wings to the oil, carefully drop them away from you to avoid any potential splattering. Drying out the wings earlier helps minimize splatter, as less water remains on the wings. Fry the wings for approximately 12 minutes until they turn golden brown and achieve an irresistible crispiness.

Frying Wings
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The Finishing Touch: Tossing in Buffalo Sauce

Once the wings are fried to perfection, it’s time to add the coveted buffalo sauce. You have the option to enjoy the wings as they are—plain and dry—or take them to the next level by tossing them in buffalo sauce. Place the crispy wings in a bowl and generously coat them with the sauce, ensuring every piece is thoroughly covered. Be mindful not to drown them; we want a perfect balance of flavor without overwhelming the wings. If tossing them in a bowl feels daunting, you can use tongs or a spatula to evenly distribute the sauce.

Buffalo Wings With Sauce
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The Classic Accompaniments: Blue Cheese, Carrots, and Celery

No buffalo wing experience is complete without the classic accompaniments—blue cheese, carrots, and celery. Instead of merely dumping them onto the platter, use tongs to place the wings strategically, allowing any excess sauce to stay in the bowl. This keeps your plate clean and prevents any unnecessary messiness. Trust us; it’s all about presentation.

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Q: Can I bake or air fry the wings instead of frying them?
A: While baking or air frying is an option, frying ensures that the entire wing achieves a crispy texture. However, feel free to experiment with other cooking methods if desired.

Q: Can I use a different brand of hot sauce?
A: Absolutely! While we recommend Crystal hot sauce, you can choose the brand that suits your preference and heat level.

Q: How long can I store the wings after frying and saucing them?
A: For the best taste and texture, it’s recommended to enjoy the wings immediately after frying and saucing them. However, if you need to store them, refrigerate them for up to 2 days, and reheat them in the oven for a few minutes before serving.


Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge and techniques to create the best buffalo wings you’ve ever tasted. By following our step-by-step guide, you can enjoy restaurant-quality buffalo wings in the comfort of your own home. Remember, the extra effort and time invested in preparing and frying the wings will pay off with each crispy bite. So, gather your ingredients, get cooking, and savor the delectable flavors of Hook’d Up Bar and Grill’s buffalo wings!

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