Syrah Wine Showdown: Australia vs Washington!

If you’re an avid wine enthusiast, buckle up and get ready for a taste-off between two powerhouse regions in the Syrah wine world – Australia and Washington State! As a sommelier with a passion for all things wine, I’m here to guide you through this exciting journey of flavors, aromas, and mysterious origins. So grab a glass and let’s dive right in!

Syrah Wine Showdown: Australia vs Washington!
Syrah Wine Showdown: Australia vs Washington!

The Enigmatic Syrah Grape

Syrah, also known as Shiraz, hails from France and has some intriguing secrets hidden within its DNA. While its exact parentage remains a mystery, experts believe it could be related to Pinot and Teroldego grapes. It also shares a close bond with Viognier, often grown side by side. These two grapes even undergo fermentation together, resulting in a stunningly dark and opaque color. It might sound unbelievable, but trust me, it’s a remarkable fact!

Bold and Beautiful

Syrah is revered for its bold, intense fruit flavors, making it a favorite among aficionados seeking a powerful wine experience. However, what makes this grape truly fascinating is its sensitivity to the terroir it grows in. This means that you’ll encounter a wide range of styles when exploring Syrah wines, each reflecting the unique characteristics of its origin.

The Showdown Begins

Now, let’s turn our attention to the wines themselves. I’ve handpicked two exceptional bottles, one from Australia and the other from Washington State, to showcase the diversity of Syrah.

Wine #1: Washington State Wonder

As I pour the first glass, I’m immediately captivated by its deep purple color with a hint of bluish tinge around the rim. This intriguing nuance suggests either a lower acidity or higher pH wine, just like how hydrangeas change color depending on soil acidity. The legs of the wine gracefully glide down the glass, indicating a higher alcohol content.

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Taking a sniff, I’m greeted by an explosion of aromas – crushed blueberries, black raspberries, and even a hint of Hawaiian Punch. Although I don’t detect the usual baking spices or sweet tobacco notes, that doesn’t take away from the wine’s charm. Upon tasting, I experience a burst of tart fruit flavors, dominated by raspberries and blueberries with a slight touch of tannin in the middle. And as the finish lingers, a subtle note of alcohol dances on my palate. This particular wine comes from an esteemed producer, who never fails to impress.

Wine #2: Australian Delight

Moving on to the next contender, I observe a red hue creeping into the glass’s edge, hinting at a different personality compared to its Washington counterpart. It proudly boasts a high alcohol content of 17%, which places it in a higher tax bracket. Taking in its aroma, I detect baked and roasted fruit flavors, reminiscent of a blackberry pie fresh from the oven. The subtle peppery notes and hints of vanilla and sweet tobacco suggest a possible touch of oak influence.

A sip reveals a captivating journey of flavors – red fruits leading the way, with blackberries making an appearance. The mid-palate surprises me with its silky, fine tannins, only for the burn of alcohol to make its presence known. But fear not, as it adds a unique character rather than overpowering the wine. The finish is a delightful combination of sweet tobacco, cedar, and a clingy, lingering sweetness. This wine has an interesting backstory, born out of a winemaker’s divorce and showcasing resilience and excellence.

The Final Verdict

To sum it up, Syrah wines are a treat for lovers of bold, intense fruit flavors. If you prefer a more elegant and black peppery style, venture into the old-world wines. But for those seeking a burst of fruit and a saucy, intense experience, explore the new-world offerings. Whether your palate leans towards Australia or Washington State, the choice is yours!

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Remember, wine is all about curiosity and exploration. So keep tasting, embrace the unknown, and let your taste buds guide you on this fascinating Syrah wine journey!

Until next time, my fellow wine enthusiasts, cheers to tantalizing flavors and endless curiosity!

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