Super Mario Party: Food, Decorations, and More!

Get ready to level up your party with these fantastic Super Mario birthday party ideas! Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or just looking for a unique theme, Super Mario Brothers is a classic choice that guarantees a fun-filled celebration. We’ve curated a list of 21 Super Mario Brothers party ideas that will bring the magic of the game to life. From mouthwatering treats like mushroom cake pops and fire flower cookies to creative decorations such as question mark plates and starman balloons, we have everything you need to throw an unforgettable Super Mario-themed party.

Super Mario Mushroom cupcakes

DIY Mario Brothers Cake

If you want to showcase your baking skills, try your hand at creating your very own Super Mario Brothers mushroom cake. Follow this tutorial to make a small cake using half-sphere-shaped cake layers, buttercream, and fondant.

Super Mario Brothers Party Food

Take your Super Mario Brothers party food to the next level with these creative ideas. Prepare a mushroom cake, meringue cloud cookies, flower power veggie and dip platter, piranha plant-inspired fruit skewers, and even Mario hats made from Babybel cheese. These unique treats will impress your guests and transport them into the world of Super Mario.

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Super Mario Brothers Cake Pops

Indulge your guests’ sweet tooth with adorable Super Mario Brothers cake pops. From Mario and Luigi to various characters from the game, these cake pops will add charm to your dessert table. Your guests won’t be able to resist these delightful treats.

Toadstool appetizers

Super Mario Brothers Question Mark Plates

Add a touch of nostalgia to your place settings by creating easy question mark plates inspired by the Super Mario Brothers game. Cut out white question marks from cardstock and attach them to yellow paper plates, then cover them with clear plates. These unique plates will delight both children and adults.

Starman Balloons

Infuse your Super Mario Brothers party with some Starman power. Create star balloons and add eyes using black electrical tape. These eye-catching decorations will make your party shine.

Super Mario Bros Star Power Sandwiches

Toadstool Appetizers

Have fun with your Super Mario Brothers-themed party food by incorporating game elements. Make toadstool appetizers using tomatoes, mozzarella, and feta cheese. These savory bites will transport your guests to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Piranha Plant Cake Pops

Super Mario Brothers Dessert Table Backdrop

Create a captivating backdrop for your Super Mario Brothers dessert table using butcher paper, cardstock, and craft supplies. Capture the essence of the game with a scene straight out of the video game world.

Star Power Sandwiches

Give your guests a power boost with star power sandwiches. These delightful treats are made with Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches cut into star shapes, with mini chocolate chips for eyes. Your guests will feel energized just like Mario and Luigi.

Super Mario cookies

Piranha Plant Cake Pops

While you may avoid piranha plants in the Mario game, your guests will be eager to devour these piranha plant cake pops. Made with brownie truffles for the base and topped with leftover cake, these cake pops are a deliciously menacing addition to your party.

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Super Mario Brothers Cupcakes

Put a fun twist on traditional cupcakes by creating Super Mario Brothers-themed toppers using fondant. Whether it’s Mario, Luigi, mushrooms, or flower power, these fondant decorations will make your cupcakes stand out.

Super Mario Brothers Cookies

Channel your inner pastry chef by making Super Mario Brothers-shaped sugar cookies. Practice your icing skills and create beautifully detailed cookies that feature iconic characters and objects from the game.

Super Mario Brothers Cake

Super Mario Brothers Party Favors

Send your guests home with the coolest party favor ever: white chocolate Wii remotes made using a candy mold. Package them up and attach a printable tag that reads: “Game over. Wii thank you for coming.”

Super Mario Brothers Memory Game + Free Printable

Entertain your party guests with a Super Mario Brothers memory game. Simply print and cut the themed cards featuring Luigi, Mario, and recognizable game characters and objects. It’s a fun activity that adds a touch of nostalgia to your party.

Bring Super Mario Brothers to life

Super Mario Brothers Cake

Level up your dessert table with an awesome Super Mario Brothers cake. This three-layered cake, featuring a brick, a question mark, and a mushroom, will captivate your guests. If you’re not confident in your cake decorating skills, consider taking a photo to a bakery for replication.

Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party

Immerse your guests in the world of Super Mario Brothers with this fantastic birthday party idea. Hand out all-access gamer passes, set up a Mario Brothers-inspired energy boost station with themed treats, and entertain everyone with a mobile video game arcade. It’s a party experience they won’t forget.

Looking for a fun Super Mario party activity?

Super Mario Brothers Brick & Question Mark Box Decorations

Create incredible decorations for your Super Mario Brothers party using moving boxes, paint, and permanent markers. Stack them up to form an entrance arch or use them as an activity fort. These DIY decorations will bring the game to life.

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Sky Jell-O With Fluffy Clouds

Serve up a taste of the Super Mario Brothers blue sky with blue Jell-O topped with fluffy whipped cream clouds. This simple yet delightful treat will transport your guests to the game’s iconic world.

Pin the Mustache on Mario

Stomp The Goombas Game

Add some action to your Super Mario Brothers party with a DIY stomp the Goombas game. Create Goombas using balloons, paper plates, and printable paper faces. It’s a game that will keep your guests entertained and active.

Yoshi Egg Smash Game

Bring Yoshi’s egg to life with a fun egg smash game. Decorate real eggs with a green permanent marker, fill them with confetti and gold stars, and seal them with white tissue paper circles. Let the smashing begin!

Super Mario-themed Birthday Party

Pin The Mustache On Mario

Put a twist on the classic party game with “Pin the Mustache on Mario.” Draw Mario or use a ready-made photo as a target, then cut mustaches out of cardstock for players to attach. It’s a game that will have everyone laughing.

Fire Flower Cookies

Add some firepower to your Super Mario Brothers party with fire flower cookies. Use a cookie cutter and dyed sugar cookie dough to create these vibrant and tasty treats.

More Fun and Amazing Themed Party Ideas

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Now that you have these incredible Super Mario Brothers party ideas, it’s time to start planning an unforgettable celebration. From delicious treats to creative decorations and fun games, your Super Mario-themed party is guaranteed to be a hit. Let the adventures begin!

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