Sticky Pork Ribs

Welcome to the mouth-watering world of Hook’d Up Bar and Grill! In this article, we’ll be exploring the art of making Sticky Pork Ribs that are sure to leave you craving for more. So grab your apron and let’s get cooking!

Sticky Pork Ribs
Sticky Pork Ribs

The Magic Begins

To start, we’ll need a roasting tray for our pork ribs. Place them on the tray and generously season them with salt and pepper. These ribs are like no other, with 60% meat and just the right amount of fat to keep them incredibly moist and flavorful.

Searing for Perfection

Before they hit the oven, we want to achieve a beautiful caramelization on the ribs. Heat up the tray with a drizzle of olive oil and sear the ribs on top of the stove. This step ensures that the flavors intensify and the ribs develop a delightful crispy exterior.

A Symphony of Flavors

Now, it’s time to add some aromatic ingredients that will take these ribs to the next level. Start with some fresh ginger, thinly sliced for maximum fragrance. Next, garlic to bring out its robust flavor. Remember, it’s important to add these ingredients after searing the ribs to retain their vibrant taste.

Spice it Up

For that extra kick, sprinkle in some chili flakes and Sichuan pepper. These spices add a citrusy and vibrant element to the ribs, elevating their overall taste. And let’s not forget star anise, which infuses the ribs with a delightful hint of aniseed flavor reminiscent of roasted fennel.

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The Sweet Side

To balance out the heat and spice, we need a touch of sweetness. Drizzle some fresh honey over the pork, creating a luscious glaze that counteracts the spiciness. As the ribs cook, you’ll notice the glaze caramelizing, resulting in a mouthwatering chili sweet caramel that enhances the flavors even more.

A Symphony of Flavors (Continued)

To add depth to the taste, we need a hint of saltiness. Enter soy sauce, generously poured over the ribs. This Japanese staple brings a salty umami goodness to the mix. For a tangy twist, Japanese vinegar (or rice wine) works wonders, imparting a delightful tartness to the ribs.

Cooking with Technique

Now, it’s time to let the ribs work their magic in the oven. Cook them at 180°C for 30 minutes, then flip them over and bake for another 30 minutes. During this time, the flavors meld together, and the pork becomes tender, juicy, and utterly irresistible.

The Finishing Touch

To take these ribs to the next level of deliciousness, we have a little trick up our sleeves. Once they’re cooked, give the tray a gentle shake to ensure the glaze coats every inch of the ribs. This step is like a tasty secret that makes them even more flavorful.

The Final Pleasure

Now, take a look at these incredible ribs! The crispy roasted edges are sticky, chewy, and perfectly balanced between sweet and sour. The fats have melted away, leaving behind melt-in-your-mouth pork that will have you savoring every bite. It’s truly a taste sensation!


Q: Can I prepare the ribs in advance?
A: Absolutely! After cooking, you can store the ribs in the fridge, allowing the flavors to develop even further. When you’re ready to serve, simply reheat them, and they’ll taste just as delicious as when they were first made.

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Q: What can I serve with these sticky pork ribs?
A: These ribs are versatile and can be enjoyed with a variety of sides. Consider serving them with coleslaw, cornbread, or a crisp garden salad for a complete and satisfying meal.

Q: Can I use a different type of meat for this recipe?
A: While this recipe specifically focuses on pork ribs, you can certainly experiment with other cuts of meat. Beef ribs or even chicken wings can work well with this flavorful marinade.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully unlocked the secrets to creating tantalizing Sticky Pork Ribs. The combination of sweet, spicy, and savory flavors in every tender bite is sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds. So why not gather your loved ones, fire up the grill, and let Hook’d Up Bar and Grill elevate your cooking experience to new heights? Happy cooking and enjoy every sticky, finger-licking moment!

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