Smoked Salmon Breakfast Recipes: A Flavorful Start to Your Morning

Are you a fan of smoked salmon? If so, you’re in for a treat! This delicious fish pairs perfectly with toast and eggs, making it an ideal choice for breakfast. But that’s not all – there are countless other ways to enjoy smoked salmon in the morning. Whether you prefer egg-free, gluten-free, or dairy-free options, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we explore the very best smoked salmon breakfast and brunch recipes!

Collage of 4 breakfast recipes using thinly sliced smoked salmon. Shown are bagels, toast, a charcuterie style board, and a wrap with scrambled eggs.

The Difference Between Hot and Cold Smoked Salmon

Before we dive into the recipes, let’s take a moment to discuss the difference between hot and cold smoked salmon. My personal favorite is the cold smoked style, also known as lox. It has a luxurious, almost raw texture that simply melts in your mouth. This type of smoked salmon is cured at a low temperature for an extended period, preserving its natural flavors. The result is a slightly salty, mildly sweet, and delightfully smoky taste.

On the other hand, hot smoked salmon has a cooked texture. The curing and marinade recipes tend to be more creative, with popular flavors like teriyaki, maple, and candied salmon. Hot smoked salmon is prepared at a higher temperature for a shorter amount of time, allowing it to be easily chopped or flaked into tasty chunks.

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How to Slice Lox/Cold Smoked Salmon

When it comes to slicing lox or cold smoked salmon, there are a few key tips to keep in mind. First, make sure you have a long and very sharp knife. A carving knife with small grooves on the blade can help prevent the salmon from sticking and tearing. It’s also crucial to keep your fish cold before slicing. Hold your knife at a 45-degree angle and start at the tail, slicing away from the wider end towards the narrower part. Aim to slice as thinly as possible and lay each piece on a plate.

Vinyl gloved hands thinly slicing bright red salmon from a fillet.

Here’s a handy knife recommendation from a sushi chef friend of mine. It features grooves that prevent the salmon from sticking, making slicing a breeze, especially if you’re new to it. To learn more about slicing smoked salmon, check out this helpful video.

A long straight knife with a black handle and grooves in the blade.

Platters and Boards: A Festive Breakfast Spread

Looking to impress a crowd during the holiday season? Platters and boards featuring smoked salmon are the way to go. Cream cheese, capers, hard-boiled eggs, lemon, red onion, fruits, veggies, and more can all be paired with bagels or crackers, creating vibrant and delicious breakfast spreads.

Pate: A Savory Delight

Smoked salmon pate, spread, and dip are perfect make-ahead dishes that can enhance any brunch buffet. Serve them alongside toasted English muffins, crackers, or toast and eggs. These savory recipes are sure to please your taste buds.

Toasts and Sandwiches: A Classic Combo

From the classic breakfast sandwich with a jammy egg to the Scandinavian rye bread smørrebrød and everything in between, the options for smoked salmon breakfast toasts and sandwiches are endless. These recipes are my personal favorites when it comes to enjoying smoked salmon.

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Collage of 4 breakfast recipes using thinly sliced smoked salmon. Shown are bagels, toast, a charcuterie-style board, and a wrap with scrambled eggs. This is a tall graphic for pinning to Pinterest.

Eggs: A Decadent Combination

Eggs and smoked salmon are a match made in heaven. Whether you prefer delicate omelets, pillowy scrambled eggs, sunny-side-up, or eggs benedict with a runny yolk, these salmon breakfast recipes are sure to satisfy your cravings. Check out our classic eggs benedict recipe as well as a lighter version with yogurt sauce.

Top Tip For Poaching Eggs

Planning to cook for a crowd? Here’s a handy tip: you can easily poach your eggs ahead of time. Simply poach them until they’re done, then plunge them into ice water to cool. Store them in the fridge and rewarm them in a bowl of hot water for 2 minutes before serving. If you want a more detailed explanation, be sure to check out our guide on how to poach eggs for a party.

Quiche and Frittata: Make-Ahead Marvels

If you’re looking for make-ahead recipes, quiches and frittatas are the way to go. These versatile dishes can be served either warm or at room temperature. Opt for a simple egg mixture with heavy cream, cheese, and leeks, or get creative with lighter veggies and fresh herbs. The choice is yours!

Smoked Salmon Bowls: Comforting and Healthy

Breakfast bowls are a comforting and easy option for a great start to your day. We’ve got both egg and egg-free variations that you can customize with your favorite ingredients. These salmon bowls are not only delicious but also packed with healthy goodness.

Wraps and Tortillas: Breakfast on the Go

For those busy mornings when you need a quick breakfast to go, wraps are the perfect solution. Here, we’ve gathered some tantalizing and tasty breakfast wrap combinations that are wrapped in tortillas. Whether you prefer eggs, egg whites, or no eggs at all, there’s a recipe for everyone.

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Crepes: Elegant and Easy

Crepes make an elegant statement, but they’re surprisingly easy to make, especially since you can prepare them ahead of time. Try out these savory breakfast crepe recipes and enjoy a gourmet breakfast without the hassle.

Unique Smoked Salmon Breakfast Recipes: Surprise Your Guests

If you’re looking to wow your guests with unique and mouth-watering breakfast ideas, we’ve got you covered. These cool and creative recipes will bring excitement to your morning routine.

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