Finger-Licking Smoked Salmon Delights

The Perfect Smoked Salmon Appetizer for Any Occasion

Whenever I’m preparing food for a gathering, I always consider the logistics: how the food will travel, whether it needs to be reheated, if it requires assembly, and how many people I need to serve. These factors play a vital role in determining what I bring to the party.

While there are countless appetizers in my repertoire, many require reheating or meticulous assembly. Who wants to spend hours assembling 50 smoked salmon blinis? Not me! I’d rather be chatting with friends than using tweezers to create bite-sized culinary masterpieces.

Thankfully, I’ve discovered a solution to these challenges – a smoked salmon appetizer that ticks all the boxes. It’s easy to transport, requires no fiddly assembly, can be served at room temperature, and most importantly, it tastes absolutely divine!

Smoked Salmon Appetizer fantastic for gatherings - no fiddly assembly, served at room temperature, looks elegant and tastes SO GOOD!

PS: Yes, the recipe claims to yield 49, but there are only 45 in the photo above. Wondering what happened to the missing 4? Well, let’s just say they disappeared mysteriously.

To be completely honest, I cheated a little with this recipe. Inspired by an appetizer I had at a professionally catered event, which used crepes, I decided to substitute flatbreads or soft tortillas. And let me assure you, it is just as delicious! Plus, it saves a ton of time.

Am I strange for considering this smoked salmon appetizer to be quite elegant? It’s the kind of dish I would proudly serve at a dinner party!

In fact, I purposely waited until I hosted a gathering at my place to make these delectable bites. This food is my weakness, and I knew I’d have a hard time controlling myself. So, I asked my mother to organize her weekly golf day at a course near my house just to have an excuse to invite her and her friends over for some wine and taste testing after their game. And let me tell you, they gave these Smoked Salmon Bites and Dorothy’s Moist Apple Cake a resounding thumbs up!

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Smoked Salmon Appetizer fantastic for gatherings - no fiddly assembly, served at room temperature, looks elegant and tastes SO GOOD!

PS: My mother texted me on the 8th hole (they only play 9 holes) which is when I decided to make Dorothy’s Easiest Ever Moist Apple Cake. I had it in the oven and baking when they walked in the door. It is that fast!

PPS: I know I’m switching between “appetizer” and “appetiser.” Blame it on the US vs. Aus spelling – auto-correct is driving me crazy!

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Check out this cooking video on how to prepare this delightful smoked salmon appetizer! And don’t miss Dozer’s cameo at the end! 😉


Oh, Dozer! A little modesty, please!


Finger-Licking Smoked Salmon Delights