A Detailed Review of Skippy Dog Food


Skippy Dog Food is a popular brand known for its wide range of canned dog food options. In this article, we will thoroughly assess the ingredients, nutritional value, and overall quality of Skippy’s products.

Skippy Product Line

Skippy Dog Food offers a diverse selection of eight canned dog food recipes. These recipes are meticulously formulated to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages. Let’s delve into some of the enticing options available in Skippy’s product line:

  • Skippy Premium Strips in Gravy with Beef
  • Skippy Premium Chunks in Gravy with Beef
  • Skippy Premium Strips in Gravy with Chicken
  • Skippy Premium Chunks in Gravy Chunky Stew
  • Skippy Premium Chunks in Gravy with Beef & Chicken
  • Skippy Premium Chunks in Gravy with Burgers & Cheese Bits
  • Skippy Premium Chunks in Gravy with Smoky Turkey & Bacon
  • Skippy Premium Chunks in Gravy 3 in 1 with Chicken, Beef & Liver

For this review, we will focus on the Skippy Premium Chunks in Gravy 3 in 1 with Chicken, Beef, and Liver.

Ingredient Analysis

Skippy’s canned dog food begins with water as its primary component. While water adds moisture, it doesn’t contribute to the food’s nutritional value, which is a common occurrence in most canned dog foods.

Soybean meal, derived from soybean oil production and commonly used in animal feeds, is the second ingredient. Although soybean meal contains protein, its biological value is lower compared to meat.

The third ingredient is chicken, which provides essential amino acids necessary for a dog’s well-being. However, the fourth ingredient, wheat flour, has limited nutritional value and is not an ideal component in dog food.

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Corn starch is utilized as a thickening agent, but it may be a concern for those looking to avoid corn-based ingredients.

Animal fat, the sixth ingredient, is a generic by-product of rendering, and its source is unspecified. This raises questions about the quality of the fat used in Skippy’s dog food.

Beef, the seventh ingredient, is derived from cattle flesh and includes various muscle tissues. The quality of beef in this product remains uncertain, given the lack of information regarding its source.

Liver, the eighth ingredient, is usually considered a valuable component. However, without knowing the source of the liver used in Skippy’s dog food, it is challenging to assess its quality.

The ninth ingredient, meat by-products, is a generic term that encompasses various parts of the animal leftovers after prime cuts have been removed. Such ingredients, while potentially nutritious, are not as high in quality as those sourced from named animal sources.

Additional Considerations

While Skippy’s canned dog food includes several other ingredients, their lower position on the list indicates that they are less likely to have a significant impact on the overall rating of the product.

However, there are three notable exceptions worth mentioning:

  1. Artificial coloring: The inclusion of artificial coloring in pet food is primarily for human appeal and does not provide any nutritional benefits for dogs.

  2. Onion and garlic extracts: While controversial, the small amounts of onion and garlic extracts used in Skippy’s dog food are unlikely to pose significant health risks when consumed in moderation.

  3. Non-chelated minerals: The minerals listed in Skippy’s dog food appear to be non-chelated, making them more challenging for dogs to absorb efficiently. This suggests lower quality compared to chelated mineral sources.

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Analysis and Recommendation

Based on an ingredient analysis, Skippy’s canned dog food appears to be a below-average wet product. While ingredient quality alone does not provide a complete picture, it is essential to estimate the meat content to determine a final rating.

With a dry matter protein reading of 44%, a fat level of 11%, and an estimated carbohydrate content of about 36%, Skippy’s brand features an average protein content of 44% and a mean fat level of 12%. This indicates a wet product with a moderate amount of meat, considering the protein-boosting effects of soybean meal, peas, and vegetable protein used in some recipes.

Considering the plant-based nature of Skippy’s wet dog food and its moderate amount of chicken or meat by-product meals as the primary animal protein sources, the brand receives a rating of 1 star.

Special Alert

Please note that complete label information for Skippy’s products may not be readily available. Recipe changes and ingredient substitutions could occur without our knowledge or that of the consumers. Therefore, exercise caution when considering the purchase of any dog food reviewed in this article.

A Final Word

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While we do receive referral fees from online retailers and sellers of pet food when readers visit their websites through ours, this helps support the cost of operating our free blog.

For more information, please refer to our Disclaimer and Disclosure page.

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Last Updated: 10/01/2017

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