Sauce For Salmon Patty

Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, this Quick and Easy Salmon Patty recipe is simple and time-saving. It’s a perfect option for a weekday dinner, a leisurely lunch, or a casual brunch. And don’t forget to try it with the mouthwatering Lemon Dill Sauce!

Two salmon cakes with lemon dill sauce on a decorative blue and white plate with a gold fork

Last week, we got a taste of summer, only to be plunged back into what felt like January today. Just in time for an outdoor birthday party… Luckily, they had some adult beverages to distract me from the bone-chilling cold.

And yes, I was bundled up in a heavy coat. I’m so ready for warm sunshine, sand in my hair, and delicious seafood on my plate. One of the best things about summer here on the east coast is the abundance of fresh seafood available everywhere I look.

But even when winter rolls around, I can always count on my favorite standby, salmon. It’s readily available all year long and has a mild flavor that even the pickiest eaters in my family enjoy. These Baked Salmon Patties are absolutely fantastic.

Salmon Cake recipe on a decorative plate with a fork and lemons

Salmon Patties

My grandfather’s “famous” fish cake recipe has been passed down through the family, and this is my twist on his classic. These Quick and Easy Salmon Patties with Lemon Dill Sauce are absolutely fabulous and made completely from scratch.

Also known as Southern Salmon Croquettes, these patties are typically made with canned salmon, eggs, panko breadcrumbs, and herbs, then fried until crispy. They’re a simple and convenient option for a weeknight dinner.

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However, if you have the time, I highly recommend using fresh salmon instead of canned. The difference in taste is remarkable. But if you’re short on time during the week, canned (well-drained) salmon will work just fine. I won’t judge.

Here’s how to make your Baked Salmon Patties:

I personally prefer fresh fish over canned, but if you’re in a rush, this recipe still works great with an equal amount of canned salmon. Just make sure to drain it well. However, in my opinion, fresh Salmon Patties are much better.

The ingredients for salmon patties are quite simple. In fact, I recently made my celebrated crab cake recipe with a few minor alterations, substituting crab with salmon.

The result? The most tender and moist Salmon Patty recipe you’ll ever taste. With a crispy crust that perfectly complements the buttery salmon… it’s seriously amazing.

Overhead shot of Salmon Cakes Recipe with Lemon Dill Sauce on a blue and white plate with sauce in a blue bowl

How to Make Salmon Patty Sauce

The Lemon Dill Sauce only takes about a minute to whip up, using just a handful of ingredients you probably already have on hand. I usually make it while the salmon is roasting, then pop it in the fridge until I’m ready to serve the Salmon Cakes.

These southern Salmon Patties also pair wonderfully with a simple Roasted Garlic Aioli! To be honest, the sauce is even better when made a bit in advance. The flavors have time to mingle and introduce themselves, creating an even more delightful taste.

Plus, the Lemon Dill Sauce recipe makes plenty, so you’ll have leftovers to spread on just about anything you can get your hands on… like tomorrow’s tuna salad sandwich. Yum!

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Salmon Cakes recipe with Lemon Dill Sauce on a plate on a wicker placemat

Can you FREEZE Salmon Patties?

Here’s another amazing thing about these simple salmon patties: you can assemble them and FREEZE them in advance.

And the best part? You don’t even have to thaw them before cooking, making them the perfect solution for a quick weeknight dinner. Seriously, what’s better than a homemade meal that comes together faster than a frozen pizza?

The answer is nothing… nothing beats a homemade meal that’s quicker than a frozen pizza. Am I right?

What we love to eat with the BEST Salmon Patties?

Some of my favorite side dishes to serve with these easy Salmon Patties are:

  • Easy Scalloped Potatoes: a family favorite!
  • Simple, savory German Potato Salad: unbelievably good!
  • Classic Coleslaw: the perfect simplicity.
  • Super Southern Black Eyed Pea and Corn Salad: a true delight!
  • Easy Brown Butter Peas with mint: a must-try.

A fresh summer salad

More Easy Salmon Recipes

If you’re craving more salmon recipes, here are a few delightful options:

  • Sweet Chili Orange Glazed Baked Salmon
  • Easy Oven Roasted Salmon
  • Salmon Nicoise Salad: a meal by itself!
  • Sweet and Spicy Thai Salmon Flatbread
  • Easy Smoked Salmon Canapes

Sweet Chili Orange Glazed Salmon on a bed of rice with sauce being drizzled over top

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