Salmon Star Lily

Salmon Star Lily is making waves in the world of Oriental Hybrid Lilies. Unlike the common red, pink, and white combinations, this beauty boasts a true, rich salmon color. With its combination of huge flowers, elegant shape, and heavenly fragrance, it’s a standout choice for any garden.

Growing Spectacular Lilies Made Easy

Lilies have long been beloved by garden enthusiasts, and with today’s hybrids, they are easier than ever to grow. Gone are the days of struggling with finicky varieties. Now, growing lilies is as simple as tending to tulips or daffodils. Just take a look at the combination photo below to see the captivating beauty of Stargazer, the most famous Oriental Hybrid lily. Alongside other favorites like Casa Blanca, these lilies have become a staple in florist shops. And the best part? The ones you grow in your own garden will be equally lovely and fragrant.

Stargazer Lily

Exploring Lily Groups

Species Lilies – The Wild Beauties

Let’s start with the true wildflowers, known as ‘Species Lilies.’ These botanical treasures from around the world are the ancestors of the glamorous hybrids that we adore. This season, we’re fortunate enough to offer some of these stunning species lilies on our list.

Oriental Hybrid Lilies – Fragrant and Flawless

When it comes to elegance and fragrance, Oriental Hybrid Lilies take center stage. With their large, flattened flowers, iconic varieties like the red Stargazer and the white Casa Blanca have taken the floral trade by storm. Fortunately, they are also a breeze to grow in your garden. These lilies bloom from mid-summer through early fall, boasting outward-facing, fragrant flowers.

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Asiatic Hybrid Lilies – Natural Beauty

The Asiatic Hybrid Lilies mark the largest group of garden lilies today. These beauties are incredibly versatile and easy to naturalize. Originating in the US as ‘Mid-Century Hybrids,’ they bloom earlier in the summer and have slightly smaller flowers compared to their Oriental counterparts. Most of them bloom in an upward-facing, star-shaped fashion. Popular examples include the yellow ‘Connecticut King’ and the famous red ‘Gran Paradiso.’

Tiger Lilies – Majestic and Striking

The Tiger Lilies, led by the iconic orange wild lily (also known as Lilium tigrinum or Lilium lancifolium), have captured our hearts for years. These lilies come in a range of colors, from white to pink, while maintaining the distinctive large flowers, black spots, and the resilient perennial qualities of the original. Don’t let any other spotted orange lily confuse you – the true Tiger Lily reigns supreme.

Trumpet Lilies – Fragrance that Soars

Sometimes referred to as ‘Aurelian Hybrids,’ Trumpet Lilies trace their lineage back to The Regal Lily, a white wild species lily from China. These exquisite lilies are known for their incredible fragrance and make for stunning arrangements. Growing tall, they often require staking due to their well-developed stalks that can bear over 15 enormous flowers.

Trumpet Lily

Growing Lilies Made Simple

Growing true lilies, which excludes daylilies and other non-Lilium species, is a straightforward process. Their upright growth habit allows for easy planting in between established perennials and shrubs, utilizing vertical space efficiently. What’s more, many lilies can tolerate some shade, offering even more versatility for gardeners. While there are numerous lily groups to explore, we’ll focus on a few key types that every gardener should consider. Rest assured, each lily you receive from us will come with complete planting instructions. So, don’t hesitate to bring the breathtaking beauty of lily flowers to your summer meadow or garden.

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