Hook’d Up Bar and Grill: A Rustic Retreat for Artists

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Embracing Nature and Artistry at Salmon Creek Farm

An Enchanted Haven in the Heart of Nature

Picture this: sitting in the cozy Orchard Cabin, surrounded by a grove of apple trees, at the remarkable Salmon Creek Farm. The air is filled with the sweet aroma of stewed apples, freshly harvested from the orchard. As you savor the moment, a jug of homemade hard cider ferments under the kitchen table. The crackling wood fire adds to the cozy ambiance, while the sound of pour-over coffee brewing sets a soothing tone. Ivy, Haeg’s loyal 17-year-old Australian shepherd, lies peacefully at his feet. The cabin walls are adorned with jars of canned fruit and an eclectic collection of books, ranging from topics like Modernist architecture to unexpected gems like ‘Mushrooms Demystified’ and ‘Cider,’ co-authored by the renowned Annie Proulx. Only the distant, rhythmic sound of the Pacific Ocean, two miles away, breaks the tranquil silence. Haeg affectionately refers to this landscape as ‘enchanted,’ and it’s hard not to be captivated by its charm.

Rekindling the Spirit of Salmon Creek Farm

For the past 15 months, Haeg has dedicated himself to revitalizing Salmon Creek Farm, with its collection of idiosyncratic cabins in different stages of repair. Through his efforts, he has transformed this once neglected haven into a rustic retreat. Drawing upon the knowledge of an engineer amongst the original residents, Haeg has crafted a homespun yet impressively efficient water and power infrastructure. All these meticulous preparations serve as the backdrop for Haeg’s latest artistic endeavor – a reimagined Salmon Creek Farm. However, Haeg acknowledges that his vision is not to recreate the past commune; rather, he sees it as an ongoing art project. He envisions it as a space that blends the essence of an arts colony and a gathering place, where individuals can momentarily retreat from the demands of contemporary society.

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Beyond Conventional Artistry: A Return to Nature

Although it may be tempting to dismiss Haeg’s commune as mere artistic indulgence or “cabin porn” for Instagram, his career trajectory points undeniably towards Salmon Creek. His Sundown Salon, a monthly gathering held at his stunning William King-designed geodesic dome estate in Los Angeles from 2001 to 2006, showcased his dedication to fostering creativity. Each gathering centered around unique themes, ranging from “knitting” to “political ennui.” Similarly, his 2012 project, ‘Domestic Integrities,’ held at the Walker Art Center, involved participatory fruit canning, foraging for wild food, and the creation of large hand-knit circular rugs from recycled textiles. These activities echoed the vibrant spirit of the young communards who once called Salmon Creek home.

A Haven for Artists Responding to Nature

Haeg’s vision for Salmon Creek Farm is to bring together artists whose work transcends traditional studio practices. Instead, he seeks those who find inspiration in the wilderness and the simple joys of everyday life. Much like the original commune, there is a shared desire to withdraw from bustling cities and the highly commercialized art market. This retreat aims to foster a deeper connection with nature and a more authentic artistic engagement. Salmon Creek, with its vast landscapes, unique cabins, and temporary communal atmosphere, becomes a muse, a studio, and an exhibition space all in one. It’s not difficult to imagine environmental sculptors like Andy Goldsworthy, Patrick Dougherty, or David Nash finding endless inspiration among these idyllic surroundings. Artists like Andrea Zittel, known for her affiliation with the ‘social practice’ movement, and her High Desert Test Site near Joshua Tree National Park, are also drawn to the exploration of daily life intertwined with art.

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At Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, we celebrate the spirit of Salmon Creek Farm – a place where nature’s beauty intertwines with artistic expression. We invite you to discover the magical allure of this rustic retreat, where creativity flourishes amidst enchanting landscapes. Visit us at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill to embark on your own artistic journey.