Rethinking Soft Serve: The Story of Big Gay Ice Cream

Soft serve ice cream has always been a beloved treat, but the founders of Big Gay Ice Cream took it to a whole new level. What started as a fun summer project in 2009 quickly grew into a thriving business with multiple locations. Today, we dive into the story of Big Gay Ice Cream and their mission to bring joy and unique flavors to ice cream enthusiasts.

Rethinking Soft Serve: The Story of Big Gay Ice Cream
Rethinking Soft Serve: The Story of Big Gay Ice Cream

The Birth of Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

The journey of Big Gay Ice Cream began when two friends, Doug and Brian, decided to start an ice cream truck in New York City. Doug’s background in playing the bassoon and Brian’s love for ice cream drove them to create something truly unique. Instead of naming the truck after themselves, they chose the name “Big Gay Ice Cream” to embrace the fun and vibrant spirit of their endeavor.

Embracing Americana with Soft Serve

One aspect that sets Big Gay Ice Cream apart is their focus on soft serve ice cream. They wanted to capture the nostalgic Americana feel of summers spent enjoying soft serve. Unlike traditional hard pack ice cream, soft serve is served at a slightly warmer temperature, allowing the flavors to truly shine. It’s a creamy delight that brings back fond childhood memories.


Unforgettable Flavors

Big Gay Ice Cream is known for their creative and delicious flavor combinations. One of their iconic cones is the “Salty Pimp.” It features vanilla ice cream topped with dulce de leche, a sprinkle of sea salt, and is then dipped in chocolate. This cone is a perfect example of the unexpected and delightful flavors Big Gay Ice Cream offers.

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A Cone with a Cause

Not only is Big Gay Ice Cream known for its unique flavors, but they also use their platform to support important causes. When iconic actress Bea Arthur passed away, she left a significant donation to the Ali Forney Center, an LGBTQ+ shelter for homeless teens. To honor her generosity, Big Gay Ice Cream named a cone after her, the “Bea Arthur.” It’s these thoughtful gestures that make Big Gay Ice Cream an inspiring brand.


Q: Where can I find Big Gay Ice Cream?
A: Big Gay Ice Cream can be found at their various locations in New York City, with a new location soon opening in Los Angeles. Check out their website here for more details.

Q: Are there dairy-free options at Big Gay Ice Cream?
A: Yes! Big Gay Ice Cream offers dairy-free alternatives, ensuring that everyone can indulge in their delicious treats.


Big Gay Ice Cream is not just another ice cream brand; it’s a culinary experience that celebrates creativity, inclusivity, and the joy of enjoying a delicious cone of soft serve. From their unforgettable flavors to their commitment to giving back, Big Gay Ice Cream continuously redefines what it means to enjoy this classic dessert. So next time you’re looking for a unique ice cream experience, be sure to visit Big Gay Ice Cream and indulge in a cone that will leave you wanting more.

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