Reduce Instant Pot Release Time with the Ice Method

Are you tired of waiting for your Instant Pot to release pressure after cooking? We all know that feeling of anticipation when your meal is ready, but you can’t open the pot just yet. Well, we have a trick that will help reduce the release time and get you enjoying your food faster. Introducing the Ice Method!

Reduce Instant Pot Release Time with the Ice Method
Reduce Instant Pot Release Time with the Ice Method

Quick vs Natural Release

Before we dive into the Ice Method, let’s quickly talk about the two methods of releasing pressure in an Instant Pot. The quick release is the most common method, where you manually release the pressure by turning the valve to “venting.” However, this method can sometimes result in dry and chewy meat, especially for long-cooked cuts.

That’s where the natural release comes in. With this method, you simply allow the Instant Pot to release pressure on its own. This process takes a bit longer but ensures your meat stays juicy and tender. But what if we told you there’s a way to speed up the natural release time? Enter the Ice Method!

The Ice Method

The Ice Method is a simple technique that utilizes a bag of ice to reduce the natural release time significantly. Here’s how it works:

  1. After cooking, remove the hatch on top of your Instant Pot, being careful not to touch the hot metal surface.
    Instant Pot Hatch

  2. Slide in a bag of ice onto the metal surface. The ice helps to cool down the pot’s interior temperature, expediting the natural release process.
    Slide in a Bag of Ice

  3. Wait for about 5 to 6 minutes. During this time, the pressure inside the pot will drop, indicated by the pressure gauge.

  4. Once the pressure gauge has dropped, carefully remove the bag of ice.

  5. Finally, you can safely open your Instant Pot and enjoy your deliciously cooked meal!

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By using the Ice Method, you can significantly reduce the natural release time from 15 to 20 minutes to just 5 or 6 minutes. It’s a quick and efficient way to get your food on the table faster without compromising on taste and tenderness.


Q: Can I use the Ice Method for all recipes cooked in an Instant Pot?
A: Yes, the Ice Method can be used for any recipe that requires a natural release. It works well for long-cooked cuts of meat, stews, soups, and more.

Q: Are there any risks involved in using the Ice Method?
A: The Ice Method is generally safe to use, but always exercise caution when handling hot surfaces and liquids. Make sure to use oven mitts or tongs when placing the ice bag onto the hot metal surface.

Q: Can I use something other than ice to expedite the natural release?
A: While the Ice Method is the most effective, you can try using a frozen towel or chilled water. However, keep in mind that these alternatives may not be as efficient as the ice method.


With the Ice Method, you can reduce the natural release time of your Instant Pot significantly. No more waiting around for your pressure cooker to depressurize naturally. By following this simple technique, you’ll be able to enjoy your perfectly cooked meals in no time. Happy cooking!

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