Unveiling the Enigma of the Crimson Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Acquire the Crimson Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The recent update for Disney Dreamlight Valley, known as the “Pride of the Valley,” has introduced a plethora of thrilling features. These include the arrival of Simba and Nala with The Lion King Realm, as well as a Star Path dedicated to the vibrant theme parks. However, players have become enthralled by a different enigma altogether—the mystery of the colored potatoes strewn across the valley. These potatoes have stirred up quite a commotion, as they appear without any instructions or guidance, leaving the community to rely solely on trial and error.

Amongst the array of vegetables that have baffled players, the Crimson Potato stands out. Unlike the laborious quest associated with the Orange Potato or the somewhat perplexing Blue Potato, the red variation is relatively easier to handle.

Gameloft, the game’s developer, usually provides players with information about most of the content included in each update. Typically, every quest comes with a comprehensive walkthrough, making it a breeze to understand how to progress. However, when it comes to the Crimson Potato and other variants, there is not a shred of guidance.

Devoid of any instructions and with so many potatoes to keep track of, players might find themselves bewildered and struggling to decipher what they need to do. Each of these enigmatic potatoes is unique, requiring players to discover them in different ways and complete distinct quests associated with each.

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While the secret potato quests remain a mystery and players have no clue about the final outcome, the amount of effort required to solve them suggests that something grand awaits in the future. To ensure your involvement in this grandeur, obtaining the Crimson Potato and the magical potion it can be transformed into becomes an essential step.

How to Obtain the Crimson Potato?

In comparison to the other potatoes that have surfaced thus far, acquiring the Crimson Potato is relatively straightforward. All players need to do is pay a visit to Remy’s house, which will be conveniently located wherever they chose to have it in the valley.

Once inside Remy’s house, proceed towards the back wall. You will notice that the counter to the immediate right of the fridge is imbued with a sparkling aura. Sparkles indicate that players can interact with an item. Therefore, interact with the counter, and lo and behold, the Crimson Potato will descend nearby, awaiting your collection.

What Can You Do with the Crimson Potato?

After successfully acquiring the Crimson Potato, the next step is to utilize it as an ingredient in a dish with a red-themed twist. You can prepare this dish in Remy’s house or any other available cooking station.

The recipe, aptly named “Icy-Red Stew… Yuck,” calls for the following ingredients:

  • Crimson Potato
  • Slush Ice
  • Lobster
  • Chili Pepper
  • Raspberry

It is essential to note that using Raspberry instead of Gooseberry is of utmost importance, as the visual similarity between the two fruits has ensnared many players. Cooking this recipe with the wrong fruit has caused them quite a bit of trouble.

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Once you have gathered all the necessary ingredients for this dish, you need to present it in order to obtain the potato potion. The recipe’s description provides a hint as to what players should do next, mentioning “I wonder what Anton Ego would say about this.”

Anton Ego, the notoriously difficult-to-impress critic from the film Ratatouille, must be confronted with your creation. Venture into the Ratatouille Realm and locate the window adorned with sticky notes nearby. Interact with it to dispatch your recipe.

Players will then be rewarded with the Raging Red Potion. As with all the enigmatic potato potions in Disney Dreamlight Valley, their purposes remain shrouded in mystery.

Considering that the Golden Potato emerged in a previous update before the others, it appears that Gameloft is gradually unraveling the potato mystery with each new update. For now, players should safeguard their potion and keep a keen eye out for any potato-related hints when the next major update is released.

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