Pulled Pork Delight: A Refreshing Coleslaw Sandwich

The Perfect Crunch and Tangy Flavor

If you’re looking for a coleslaw recipe to pair with your pulled pork, look no further! Our homemade coleslaw is the epitome of crunchy, tangy, and subtly sweet. We keep it simple by using store-bought coleslaw mix or chopped cabbage, and then adding thinly sliced red onion for an extra burst of flavor. Toss it all together with our delightful coleslaw dressing, and refrigerate for at least an hour to let the flavors meld. The result? A light and refreshing coleslaw that complements not only pulled pork but also bbq chicken sandwiches, tacos, Reubens, and more!

The Key Ingredients

To make this mouthwatering coleslaw, you’ll need:

  • Bagged chopped cabbage mix (a combination of red cabbage, green cabbage, and carrots)
  • Red onion
  • Mayonnaise
  • Red wine vinegar
  • Granulated sugar
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper

If you’re a fan of celery flavor in your coleslaw, feel free to add ½ tsp of celery seed to the recipe. It’s all about personal preferences!

Ingredients for coleslaw

How to Create the Perfect Coleslaw for Pulled Pork

Making homemade coleslaw couldn’t be easier! The key is to let the coleslaw sit for at least an hour so that the cabbage can soak up the dressing and become perfectly tender. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Place the bagged coleslaw mix in a large bowl.
  2. Add ½ a thinly sliced red onion, ¾ cup of mayonnaise, 3 tbsp of red wine vinegar, 2 tbsp of granulated sugar, ½ tsp of Kosher salt, and a couple of pinches of black pepper.
  3. Use tongs to thoroughly toss all the ingredients together.
  4. Refrigerate the coleslaw for at least an hour, though longer is even better!
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Coleslaw dressing in a bowl

Not only does this coleslaw work wonders on pulled pork sliders, but it also complements sandwiches like Italian cold cuts, meatloaf, and even our famous Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich!

Beyond Sandwiches: Versatile Ways to Enjoy Coleslaw

Coleslaw isn’t just reserved for sandwiches. Here are some other delicious ways to savor this versatile dish:

  • Add it to tacos for an extra crunch.
  • Roll it up in eggrolls for a delightful twist.
  • Use it as a bed for grilled meats such as shawarma or kebabs.
  • Pair it with blackened salmon, mahi-mahi, or chicken.
  • Top your hot dogs or sausages with a generous helping of coleslaw.

The possibilities are endless! This light and crunchy side dish pairs perfectly with any meal that could use a touch of tangy vinegar.

Classic coleslaw in serving bowl with two spoons

Tips for the Best Coleslaw Experience

To ensure you nail the coleslaw game every time, here are a few handy tips:

  • Opt for store-bought coleslaw mix or pre-chopped cabbage to save time and enjoy a variety of textures.
  • Let the coleslaw refrigerate for at least an hour, allowing the flavors to meld. Two hours or even overnight will give you the best results if you want to prepare in advance.
  • Strike a balance with the mayonnaise. This coleslaw doesn’t aim to be overly creamy. Instead, the combination of mayonnaise and red wine vinegar creates a light, tangy, and slightly sweet dressing that enhances the flavors.
  • Don’t forget to add a touch of sugar! It helps to balance out the tanginess of the vinegar, resulting in a well-rounded flavor profile.

Classic coleslaw with red onion

Once you take a bite of our crunchy coleslaw, you’ll understand why it’s hard to resist! It’s the perfect companion for pulled pork sliders, sandwiches, and a must-have at all your summer cookouts!

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If you’re craving this traditional coleslaw recipe, give it a try and let us know what you think by leaving a review and rating below.

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