Preserving the Sweetness of Summer Corn: A Quick Guide

Summer brings with it the joy of fresh produce, and one highlight that never fails to impress is sweet corn. However, as soon as corn is picked, its natural sugars begin to convert into starches, causing it to lose its sweetness. To fully savor the flavors of summer corn, it’s best to consume it as soon as possible. But fear not, for there is a special way to store corn that can slow down this process and allow you to enjoy its deliciousness all year long.

Preserving the Sweetness of Summer Corn: A Quick Guide
Preserving the Sweetness of Summer Corn: A Quick Guide

Overnight Storage

If you only need to keep your corn fresh for the next day, here’s what you can do. Wrap the corn, husk and all, in a wet paper bag. Then, place it in a zipper-lock bag and store it in the refrigerator overnight. This method helps maintain the corn’s freshness for a little longer.

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Year-Round Storage

To preserve the taste of sweet summer corn for months to come, blanching is the key. Start by placing the corn cobs in boiling water and blanch them for five minutes. This simple technique deactivates the enzyme responsible for converting sugars into starches. After blanching, transfer the corn to an ice bath to halt the cooking process.

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Once the corn is cooled, place it on a clean dish towel to dry. Next, carefully pack the cobs into a zipper-lock bag, ensuring to press out any excess air before sealing it. Now, your corn is ready to be stored in the freezer, where it can maintain its flavor for up to six months.

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Although the texture may become less crisp after freezing, the flavor of the corn remains intact. This makes it perfect for incorporating into dishes such as chowders and sautés, allowing you to enjoy a taste of summer any time of the year.


Q: How long can I keep corn in the refrigerator using the overnight storage method?
A: By following the overnight storage method, you can keep your corn fresh for the next day.

Q: Can I freeze corn without blanching it?
A: Blanching is highly recommended to preserve the best flavor and quality of the corn during freezer storage.

Q: How long can I store corn in the freezer?
A: When properly stored, corn can remain in the freezer for up to six months.

Q: Can I freeze corn in its husk?
A: It is best to remove the husk before freezing the corn for optimal results.


By employing these simple storage techniques, you can ensure that the sweetness and flavors of summer corn stay with you long after the seasons have changed. Whether you choose to store it overnight or freeze it for year-round enjoyment, these methods will help you make the most of sweet summer corn. So, embrace the flavors of the season and relish the taste of summer no matter the time of year.

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