Enjoy the Convenience of Ready-to-Eat Salmon at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill

Introducing Our Flavorful Cooked Salmon Fillet

Pre Cooked Salmon

At Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, we are proud to present a delightful addition to our menu: the Roasted Salmon fillet. This fully cooked, succulent piece of fish is now available in our Refrigerated section, near the fresh fish and smoked salmon. Whether it’s a sweltering summer day or simply a time when you prefer not to cook or deal with the lingering fishy smell, our cooked salmon is the perfect solution. Residing delicately between fully cooked and barely cooked, this moist salmon can even be heated slightly to your liking. On my first purchase, I neglected to check the dates closely and detected a faint fishy aroma upon opening. However, a sprinkle of lemon quickly resolved that issue, and the taste remained impeccable. On my subsequent visit, I made sure to select the freshest package, resulting in salmon with absolutely no smell. So, remember to carefully inspect the dates and opt for the most recent one.

A Versatile and Affordable Delight

For less than five dollars, you can indulge in a fantastic farmed Atlantic salmon fillet from Norway. Each piece weighs 5 ounces, with no bones and skin intact. Removing the skin is effortless, but if you enjoy crispy salmon skin, you can crisp it up in a hot pan for around 90 seconds, flipping it for an additional 30 seconds to achieve a slight sear and color. While this step is optional, it does enhance the flavor. To complement this delicious fillet, try our TJ’s DILL SEASONING BLEND. Simply flake the fish with a fork, place it on a plate, and squeeze some lemon juice over it. Trust me, this delightful dish is worth every penny.

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Searing the Fish

On another occasion, I decided to create some Japanese “Nori Hand Rolls” using this marvelous salmon. With a side of Sushi Rice and matchsticks of cucumbers, we savored the delightful Salmon Hand Rolls (“Temaki Sushi”) on TJ’s SEAWEED SNACKS (nori). Surprisingly, one piece of salmon was enough for two servings. The process is simple: take a square of nori, spoon a little sushi rice onto it, add some salmon and cucumber, and pop the whole bite into your mouth. Trust me, it’s a flavor explosion and a fun experience you should definitely try.

A Tip for Keeping the Salmon Fresh

While this cooked salmon is a convenient option, it is best to enjoy it on the day of purchase if possible. However, if you need to store it, place it in the coldest part of your fridge and consume it the following day. Alternatively, you can freeze the entire package for later use, allowing it to thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

Don’t Waste the Skin!

Do you dislike or refrain from eating salmon skin? Don’t throw it away! Instead, wash it off as thoroughly as possible and offer it to your cat or dog. They will surely appreciate the healthy Omega-3’s and fish oil.

Remember, at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, we suggest trying this delicious cooked salmon with our new TAMARIND SAUCE. It’s a wonderful combination that you simply must experience!

Tamarind Salmon

Try Our 60 Second Tamarind Salmon Recipe

Sweet, tangy, and delightfully spicy, Trader Joe’s Tamarind Sauce is the perfect accompaniment to our Fully Cooked Salmon Fillet. Enjoy this protein-packed, satisfying meal by simply slathering the Tamarind Sauce on top of the fillet and serving it on a bed of rice or salad greens. For an added crunch, sprinkle some Trader Joe’s Crispy Onion Chips and fresh green onions on top. In just about a minute, you’ll be savoring an incredible culinary delight.

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Perfect Sushi Rice Recipe

That’s it! Sit back, relax, and let us treat you to an unforgettable dining experience at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill.