How Much Do Pork Ribs Cost for Your Next Party?

If you’re planning to make ribs for your upcoming party or cookout, you might be wondering how much you need to buy to feed all your guests. After all, the cost of ribs is an important factor to consider when preparing a feast for your friends and family. While it’s better to have more than less, you certainly don’t want to end up with not enough to go around.

Cooking ribs is not only a delicious way to utilize your grill, but they are also a crowd favorite. Most people can’t resist the mouthwatering allure of ribs and will eagerly look forward to attending your party just to savor them.

How Much Does a Rack of Ribs Cost?

The price of a rack of ribs will vary depending on the type you choose. Buying them in bulk can help you save money, which is especially beneficial if you’re hosting a large gathering with a massive appetite. Additionally, purchasing in bulk means you can store some in the freezer for future events or to satisfy your own cravings.

Costs of Ribs by Type

Let’s break down the different types of ribs and their respective costs. We’ll delve into each variety in more detail later on.

Spare Ribs

  • Price: $3.50 per pound

Baby Back Ribs

  • Price: $5.99 per pound

St. Louis Style Ribs

  • Price: $5 to $6 per pound

Spare ribs are the most affordable option, but they also tend to be of slightly lower quality. Generally priced around $3.50 per pound, you might even find them as low as $1.50 per pound, especially when buying in bulk or from certain suppliers.

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A rack of spare ribs typically contains about 11 to 13 ribs. Although they have less meat on the bone compared to baby back ribs, they boast a rich flavor and higher fat content.

Most stores sell baby back ribs at around $5.99 per pound. These are the most popular and flavorful type of ribs, which explains their higher price. However, keep an eye out for sales as you may be able to snag them for as low as $2.99 per pound. Wholesale stores such as Costco might also offer them at more affordable prices if you’re willing to buy in bulk. A single segment of baby back ribs typically has about 10 to 14 ribs, but be cautious of racks with only 9 ribs, as some stores try to pass them off as full racks.

St. Louis Style ribs usually cost around $5 to $6 per pound. You can often find better deals at larger supermarkets or wholesale stores. These racks typically have about 11 to 13 ribs and weigh an average of 2.5 pounds.

If you’re a first-time rib chef, consider opting for St. Louis Style ribs. They are easy to cook due to their even and uniform shape, allowing for consistent browning.

Which Type of Rib Should You Buy?

Now that you’re aware of the prices, you might be wondering which type of ribs to choose. Price, especially if you’re on a budget, is a significant factor, but there are other considerations as well.

Spare ribs, sourced from the lower section of the pig’s rib cage, are the cheapest option. The meat used for pancetta and bacon comes from the same section, giving spare ribs a rich and fatty taste. They offer the most authentic pork flavor among all rib types.

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St. Louis Style ribs are essentially spare ribs with the cartilage and breastbone removed. This makes them the easiest to cook and eat. Plus, they present beautifully on a plate if you’re aiming for an elegant presentation.

Baby back ribs are the leanest variety, with more meat in between the bones, ensuring you get your money’s worth. They also cook relatively quickly, making them ideal for larger groups or when you’re pressed for time.

Final Thoughts

The price of racks of ribs varies depending on the type and quantity you purchase. On average, you can expect to spend between $1.50 to $6 per pound, with potential savings during sales. So, go ahead and plan your rib-centric menu with confidence, knowing that your guests will be satisfied and your budget will remain intact.

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