Introducing Farm-Raised New Zealand Salmon: A Premium Seafood Experience

A Year-Round Delight from Hook’d Up Bar and Grill

Discover the New Zealand Salmon Sensation

Have you ever heard of New Zealand’s seafood equivalent of Japanese Wagyu beef? Well, say hello to the farm-raised Ōra King Salmon, a true delicacy that has finally made its way to the United States. Only a select few salmon farms worldwide produce these aquaculture wonders. Specially bred and meticulously raised, Ōra Kings are available year-round, satisfying your cravings without any seasonal harvest limitations.

The Ōra King Difference

Ōra Kings derive their name from the Maori word “ora,” which means “fresh” and “alive.” These superior quality King Salmon are brought to you by the renowned King Salmon Company, the largest global producer of farmed Kings. The journey of Ōra Kings began over 18 years ago with specialized breeding programs that produced more than 90 distinct salmon “families.” Every individual fish can be traced back over five generations, providing full traceability and ensuring the highest standards of quality.

The Finest Quality, From Hatchery to Plate

The rearing of Ōra Kings begins in inland, spring-fed hatcheries. After less than a year, the smolts are transferred to the cold, fast-running waters of Marlborough Sound. Raised in sheltered deep water bays, they experience a life cycle that mirrors their existence in the wild – from freshwater to saltwater. In this healthful and monitored environment, the stocking density is significantly low, allowing the fish maximum movement. With a mere 2% fish to 98% water ratio, they thrive.

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When it comes to their diet, Ōra Kings are fed fully traceable ingredients with minimal fishmeal, adapting the formulas as they mature. Ensuring the highest quality, no GMOs, hormones, vaccines, chemicals, or antibiotics are used on the fish or in their feed. This commitment to natural and sustainable practices is what sets Ōra Kings apart.

Unveiling the Royal Taste

Ōra Kings, also known as Chinook salmon, are the same species as Wild King Salmons found in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. However, they represent less than 0.5% of the world’s total salmon population*. Ōra Kings are the largest and fattiest of all salmons, boasting superior levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. Their distinct features include larger scales and remarkably tender flesh compared to other salmon varieties like Atlantic and Coho. Prepare to indulge in a full, rich, and pronounced flavor with a buttery, almost silky texture and large, soft flakes.

A Versatile Delight for Every Palate

Salmon is a treasure trove of culinary possibilities, which is why it’s highly sought after in kitchens worldwide. Whether you prefer it pan-fried, steamed, grilled with the skin on, poached, braised, or even served sashimi style, Ōra King Salmon excels in every dish. And let’s not forget the exquisite pleasure of cold or hot smoked salmon. The options are limitless, and the taste is simply unbeatable.

The Authenticity You Can Trust

When you order Ōra King Salmons from Hook’d Up Bar and Grill, you’ll receive them fresh, whole, and head-on. Each fish comes with gill tags, verifying their origin and providing full traceability. With a weight ranging from 10 to 15 pounds per fish, every bite of Ōra King Salmon promises an unforgettable culinary experience.

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Harvest Region: Marlborough Sounds, South Island, New Zealand
Seasonality: Year-Round
Yield (Fillet Percentage): 65-70%
Flavor Profile: Rich, Buttery, and Full
Texture Profile: Moderately Firm; Delicate with Large Flakes

Substitute Options:

  • Wild Alaskan Kings
  • Wild Ivory Kings
  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Arctic Char

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary seafood adventure! Indulge in the unparalleled taste and quality of Ōra King Salmon, available exclusively at Hook’d Up Bar and Grill.

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