Meet The Young Brooklyn Painter in “WHAT’S IN YOUR GROCERY BAG?” – A New Food Comedy

Have you ever wondered what’s in your grocery bag? Well, get ready for a hilarious adventure as we meet a young and talented painter right here in Brooklyn. Join us as we explore the intriguing contents of their grocery bag and uncover some fascinating insights into their artistic world.

Meet The Young Brooklyn Painter in "WHAT'S IN YOUR GROCERY BAG?" - A New Food Comedy
Meet The Young Brooklyn Painter in "WHAT'S IN YOUR GROCERY BAG?" – A New Food Comedy

Unveiling the Grocery Bag

In our exciting encounter with a young Brooklyn painter, we dive deep into their eclectic grocery bag. Armed with curiosity and a charming personality, Mike Kelton takes to the streets to connect with this talented artist.

A Window into the Artist’s World

As we get to know this enigmatic painter named Morgan, we discover a captivating mix of ingredients in their grocery bag. From almonds to food coloring, their artistic flair spills over into their culinary pursuits. Almonds, bought in bulk, reveal a practical side to this artist’s mindset, ever ready to face the unknown. Building connections with a dash of humor, Mike playfully jokes about an almond mistletoe and unveils Morgan’s love for arts and crafts through the presence of food coloring.

Exploring the Almond Extract Mystery

While examining the grocery bag, Mike stumbles upon an intriguing item – almond extract. With his trademark wit, he delves into the mystery of this ingredient. His banter with Morgan leaves us intrigued and wanting to learn more.

A Glimpse into Morgan’s Culinary Creations

Delving deeper into Morgan’s culinary world, Mike steers the conversation towards their menu at home. Curiosity piqued, we eagerly anticipate the revelation of mouthwatering delights. To our surprise, Morgan’s answer is simple yet intriguing – an almond tart. It becomes clear that almonds reign supreme in their kitchen, being the key ingredient in their culinary endeavors.

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Join Epicurious and Stay Epicurious

As this delightful encounter comes to a close, Mike takes a moment to remind us to subscribe to the Epicurious channel. With his infectious energy, he invites us all to embrace the epicurean spirit and embark on a culinary journey.


1. Who is the young Brooklyn painter featured in the video?
The young Brooklyn painter in the video is named Morgan.

2. What ingredients were found in Morgan’s grocery bag?
Morgan’s grocery bag contained almonds, food coloring, and almond extract.

3. What culinary creation is Morgan planning to make with the groceries?
Morgan plans to make an almond tart with the ingredients from the grocery bag.


In this entertaining and insightful food comedy, we met a young Brooklyn painter and explored the captivating contents of their grocery bag. From almonds to food coloring, their artistic inclinations dazzled us. The fusion of art and food created an unforgettable experience. So, come and join us as we continue to uncover delightful encounters in the world of cooking and creativity.

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